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Blockchain and NFT technology meets People’s Art in 19th Century



Source: PRNewswire / KBean

 Kbean®, San Francisco CA partnered with Gahoe Museum, Seoul South Korea to showcase 19th century’s Korean folk arts, «Minwha» through MicroNFT™, a secure cryptographic solution based on Blockchain technology.  This marriage of Minhwa and blockchain technology has enabled consumers to experience their own piece of historical and cultural contents at home around the world.  This partnership is an important milestone for the art industry and will expand the reach of museums to a global level.

Kbean®, is a technology company based in the San Francisco Bay area. Kbean® has invented a digital asset management solution named MicroNFT™ and has launched a social marketplace with TV streaming services for creative digital media and arts including paintings, films, mixed media and photography. The company puts a heavy emphasis on protecting the assets, intellectual property of artists and content creators and broader security of the marketplace.

Gahoe Museum, a traditional Korean art museum at Seoul, South Korea, has collected and maintained many Minhwa arts that carry historical significance.  More importantly, these are important artifacts and depictions of culture, belief, and ways of living. Gahoe has been actively communicating and educating various local communities for generations.   

While Gahoe Museum still welcomes visitors, it enabled a new strategy for reaching its customers globally. Through a partnership with Kbean®, Gahoe was able to deliver its Minhwa collections digitally, allowing customers around the world to access their collections in the most affordable and secure manner. 

«Times have changed. The digital versions of the Minhwa, once used for promotional purposes, must be protected and recorded in a ledger to be its own asset,» Said the Director of Gahoe Museum, Mr. Yul Soo Yoon. «Kbean®’s Blockchain and NFT TV solutions were the answer, and that’s why we have formed the partnership.» 

The cofounder of Kbean® and a Minwha artist, Kate Nam, noted that «It’s exciting that the art form considered as «people’s art» dating back to the 18th century was solved by the decentralized Blockchain technology.»   

Broader adoption of crypto technology is yet to come, and this partnership is an important milestone enabling consumers to experience, or even own, a piece of historical and cultural contents at home. 

For more information: and Kbean® apps available on mobile phones, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.

Kbean® is a social marketplace platform for all creative digital media through MicroNFT™ technology.  It is an open yet close-knit social network dedicated to bringing the diverse art community together.

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