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Miami Awaits Upcoming Pixelynx NFT Scavenger Hunt



Source: Nftplzas / Callum

The music Metaverse start-up, Pixelynx has announced it will begin the launch of its exciting new Elynxir Game. The new Web3 platform will use the Ethereum scaling solution Polygon.

Pixelynx will encourage fans to participate in an augmented reality scavenger hunt throughout Miami Beach to kick things off. The “Rock Band meets Pokémon Go experience” will run alongside the anticipated Art Basel event. The game titled ‘Go Astral’ will layer digital content atop the physical surroundings when viewed through a smartphone.

During the Miami scavenger hunt, users will try to find one of 20 NFTs, which, combined, make up an existing “blue chip” profile picture (PFP) NFT. By owning a piece of this larger NFT – players will have the power to influence the story of a virtual musician on the Elynxir platform. Current plans for the artist involve joining an influential supergroup in the new Metaverse.

Anyone who has played Pokemon Go will know its illustrious developer, Niantic, the engine for the Elynxir platform. Nitanic invested in Pixelynx back in the spring, making this a strong partnership and a big move for the engine toward Web3.

The AR app is designed to help shepherd new users into Web3 and NFTs.’ – Inder Phull, co-founder and CEO of Pixelnyx.

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