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Emporio NFT investigates about “BLOKTOPIA” a virtual world related to the Metaverse.



This new metaverse promises to generate passive incomes through your NFT’S.

BLOKTOPIA is a descentralized, futuristic and tokenized virtual reality.
Virtual worlds aren’t just games, but virtual experiencies. That could be since music clubs, tokenized assed stores, Crypto art galleries or gamified experiencies.

BLOKTOPIA is a metaverse that is built and hosted on the Polygon network, the second layer solution, compatible to the Ethereum Virtual Machine, which allows fast and cheap transactions.

The BLOKTOPIA concept, consists in a giant 21 floors building, which is an analogy to the maximum total supply of Bitcoin (21 million units). This large and descentralized skyscraper has different tokenized assets. A non-fungible token, the “BLOCK” token, that is used to govern the economy of this great virtual metaverse.

This token is the gateaway to the other two tokenized assets.

• The “REBLOK” which are the “Real State Bloks”, and which are tokenized properties that you can buy, sell, and even rent to other users.

• The “ADBLOK”, are NFT’S, which represent advertising spaces within this baroque futuristic building. One of the main opportunities to generate money with BLOKTOPIA is going to be advertising. It will have alliances with some giants of the industry and with many areas of advertising.

Learn, win, play and create. That is the objective of BLOKTOPIA. You can access and leand, regardless of whether if you are holder or not; however, the profit opportunities are going to be for those who invest. It’s fun, entertaining, and users have creative freedom.

The perspective that BLOKTOPIA has of metaverse on their website, althought I think it isn’t the final answer yet, is the metaverse of the NFT’s with life. The connection of real and physical world and virtual worlds. Throught open and decentralized channels. Cryptographic protocols that allow you to manage and own digital value.

This note isn’t investment advice. Please, do your own due diligence. It’s only a projection and analysis of the writter.

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