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Zara launches its first collection in the metaverse



It is already available on its website and is born from a collaboration with the Korean firm Ader Error

Source: The debate

Zara launches AZ, a collection in collaboration with the South Korean brand Ader Error , a project with nods to Generation Z , which will have a replica in the metaverse, a digital, immersive and multisensory dimension.

«The designs reflect the lifestyle of people whose personalities are shaped by simultaneous experiences in the real and virtual world,» explains the brand on its website.The collection, which is available from today on the Spanish brand’s website, can also be visited on Zepeto , a platform that allows users to generate avatars and create imaginary worlds.

AZ Collection, with unisex tints and marked by wide and comfortable patterns, is made up of winter garments with a casual style such as pants, coats or sweatshirts.

The pieces range from 199 euros for a padded coat to 39.95 euros for a hat and for its creation the Inditex flagship brand wanted to have Ader Error one of the most Korean with the most projection in the country and which it has especially conquered to the young public.

The foray into the virtual world of Zara is not the first in the world of fashion. H&M launched a virtual clothing collection in the world of Animal Crossing , Nintendo’s video game, and there are already other brands with a presence on the Zepeto platform such as Gucci or Nike. 

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