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MINTNFT Announces Industry-First NFT-Based Membership Program for Balmain During Paris Fashion Week



Source: Business Wire

Premium minting platform MINTNFT partners with Balmain to premiere “The Balmain Thread” on the eco-friendly XRP Ledger at Paris Fashion Week, becoming the first global fashion house to create a NFT-based membership program. As Balmain’s exclusive Web3 partner, MINTNFT continues to lead the way in brand experience innovation.

“We believe Web3 will drive a new wave in engagement, enabling companies to unlock access and provide richer experiences for their communities like never before.»Tweet this

The Balmain Thread is the fashion house’s bespoke edition of “The Club”, MINTNFT’s membership, loyalty, and rewards product that is powered by Web3 technology. Access to in-person and virtual events, rewards, community voting privileges and much more will be seamlessly fed into the program to keep consumers engaged. No knowledge or ownership of crypto is required.

The creation of Balmain’s Web3 community builds on Creative Director Olivier Rousteing’s decade-long vision to form one unbroken story that will continue into the future. The Balmain Thread will oversee Balmain’s unique, constantly evolving series of NFT offerings, while also offering unparalleled access to upcoming Balmain moments, including special events, house collections, surprise drops and dynamic digital experiences.

“I’ve never aimed to simply be cool,” notes Balmain Creative Director Olivier Rousteing. “Instead, my goal has always been to ensure that this house’s designs are timeless and tied together by a unifying thread. And it’s important to never break that thread—because the moment that happens… well, that would mean that you’ve failed. That would mean that you haven’t been able to extend a clear vision or advance a distinct aesthetic.”

The first series of members will be invited to join during the upcoming third edition of the Balmain Festival (September 28th), an annual highlight of Paris Fashion Week. The Balmain Thread will launch later this year, and will eventually be home to 10,000 of the house’s most passionate customers and fans. Members of the Balmain Thread community will never need to have mastered the workings of crypto or blockchains in order to engage creatively with the house, with memberships minted on the carbon-friendly XRP Ledger blockchain and MINTNFT guaranteeing maximum security by proving authenticity via proprietary video verification technology.

New to the Balmain Festival will be ‘The Moment’ – a mobile photo experience created by MINTNFT that allows festival goers to transform and mint their favorite Balmain Festival fashion moment into their own unique digital collectible on the XRP Ledger. The Moment was developed by MINTNFT as a highly accessible way for brands to generate digital and physical engagement at events.

“The Balmain Thread builds upon this house’s distinctive strategy of continually exploring pathways that might strengthen our ties with the incredibly engaged, diverse and global Balmain Army,” explains Balmain CMO Txampi Diz. “We’re excited about the future that lies ahead, as the physical and digital continue to merge, offering us new ways to introduce this house to broader audiences, as we build upon Olivier Rousteing’s determination to further democratize fashion.”

“We believe Web3 will drive a new wave in engagement, enabling companies to unlock access and provide richer experiences for their communities like never before,” said James Sun, CEO and Co-Founder of MINTNFT. “As a leader in innovation, both in fashion and technology, Balmain is the perfect partner to deliver this next evolution of NFTs and blockchain.”

The Balmain Thread opens up the doors to the metaverse for these fans as they move seamlessly from a platform-focused Web2 onto an ownership-driven Web3 where they can engage more deeply with their favorite fashion house. MINTNFT makes their passion for all things Balmain simple, safe, and secure with easy credit card onboarding and proprietary Video Verification technology that confirms the Balmain Thread’s authenticity. All memberships will be minted by MINTNFT on the XRP Ledger, an open source and certifiably carbon-neutral Layer 1 blockchain.

Join the waitlist at for details on how to become part of the Balmain Thread community.


MINTNFT is a premium minting platform for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that makes collecting NFTs simple, safe and social. MINTNFT partners with brands to deliver elevated consumer experiences through a unique suite of products powered by Web3 technologies. The company’s latest product, The Club, is a membership and rewards program that offers new ways for customers to engage with the brands they love. MINTNFT provides easy onboarding of mainstream consumers, enterprise level security, and IP protection with patent-pending Video Verified technology. Learn more at

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About Balmain Paris

More than 75 years ago, when Pierre Balmain first introduced his “New French Style,” it immediately became clear to all that his eponymous house was offering a distinctly fresh, bold, and feminine conception of haute couture, one which broke with many of the well-established conventions of the era. His audaciousness paid off. Pierre Balmain became one of the handful of young French talents who ushered in the mid-century golden age of couture and helped to re-establish Paris as the world’s fashion capital.

For more than ten years, Balmain’s Creative Director, Olivier Rousteing, has been inventively building upon Pierre Balmain’s extraordinary legacy, while always remaining true to his own determination to design clothes that reflect the way his inclusive, powerful, and global Balmain Army wishes to live today. The result is a unique and instantly recognizable Balmain silhouette, style and attitude that highlights the singular craftsmanship of the house’s celebrated ateliers, while consistently referencing a rich Parisian heritage. For more information, please visit

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