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Artist & Creative Web3 Platform, DigiArt, to support first-ever NFT drop by NYC fine artist Harif Guzman (AKA Haculla)



Source: PRNewswire / DigiArt

DigiArt (, co-founded by Marcel Katz, Fred Hsu, and Robert Earl, announced today the launch of its innovative new platform designed to curate and promote the works of influential artists and creatives through the digital medium provided by Web3 and NFT technology. The first of DigiArt’s NFT drops will be Haculla by Harif Guzman.  

Whether crypto-curious or native Web3 native, DigiArt offers an informed and inviting new space for community members to discuss art and culture trends, and community-oriented events. To headline its genesis collection, DigiArt has partnered with Harif Guzman and his globally recognized Haculla creation. Further NFT drops are planned to follow in partnership with leading 3D animator VollutSantlov the photographer and graphic artist behind the viral toysrlikeus campaign, and with Paa Joe, whose groundbreaking works are currently on display at the British Museum.

«DigiArt sits at the intersection of fine art and Web3, with explosive growth potential to reach the next billion users with real life benefits. I’m excited to partner with industry leaders like Marcel Katz and Robert Earl to bring the best of West Coast tech to huge traditional IRL industries such as Art and Hospitality,» said Fred Hsu. 

Each NFT from future drops curated by DigiArt will give the holder access to exclusive merchandise and bonus events, including the opportunity to interact with new NFT drop artworks within a high-definition metaverse gallery.

According to Marcel Katz owner of The Art Plug and DigiArt co-founder, «DigiArt provides an experienced team of forward thinkers and tastemakers with years of specializing in art-centric experiences and events as well as artist relationships and collaborations like no other Web3 community.»

DigiArt has already committed to technological innovation by partnering with established Web3 native companies such as Unreal Engine developer Pixel Canvas, a winner of Epic Games’ MegaGrant, which supports generative NFT drops, purpose-built metaverse experiences, and can tailor a game’s functionality to an artist’s direction and style. 

«DigiArt provides an authentic art- and community-centric team that connects collectors with true artists and creatives through online and face-to-face events, NFT artwork drops and new and unusual experiences», said Earl Enterprises founder Robert Earl.

About Marcel Katz and The Art Plug – – The Art Plug consists of «The Art Plug» himself, Marcel Katz, and a collective of creatives participating in local and international community projects and charitable causes in addition to his fine art gallery and online marketplace for artists such as Haring, Murakami, Kaws, Dali, and many others. Known and sought out for his eclectic taste, creative vision, ability to connect the dots and execution of unrealistic concepts, Katz and his team have executed exhibitions, experiences, and even death-defying Performance Art pieces all over the US. The Art Plug has also curated and executed projects for globally recognized brands such as Dali Universe, Hyatt, Red Bull, Lyft, Footlocker, Stella Artois, and many more.

About Fred Hsu – Fred is 20-year tech founder, CTO & CEO with multiple successful bootstrapped exits. An active angel investor and startup advisor, Fred has invested in numerous pre-IPO companies and startups. Fred’s passionate about new technologies that can power social missions, the arts/movies, and the crypto industry. Fred is Co-Founder and Chairman of Ember Entertainment, an independent game developer based in Seattle, WA and makers of AMC Walking Dead Empires ( a AAA MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) blockchain game launching in 2022. Since 2012, Ember has built a portfolio around casual and hardcore games on mobile and their titles have received millions of installs. In December 2021, Ember was acquired by Gala Games.

About Robert Earl – Recognized as a leading figure in the hospitality, lodging, gaming and food & beverage industries, Robert Earl is the Co-founder of Virtual Dining Concepts and Chairman of Earl Enterprises, an organization that specializes in restaurant and hospitality branding, marketing and operations. Earl is the founder of the globally recognized Planet Hollywood brand and former co-owner of Hard Rock Cafe. Always innovative, Earl has taken a leadership role in expanding the fastest growing restaurant industry trend of virtual kitchens with the launch in 2019 of his Virtual Dining Concepts brands including MrBeast Burger, FaZe Subs, Guy Fieri’s Flavortown Kitchen, and many others. 

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