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Art gallery in Dubai to educate artists on NFTs, Web3



37xDubai founder Danilo Carlucci said the gallery uses NFTs based on the Tree of Life art display as its membership token.

The 37xDubai art gallery, which will be opened to the public later in October, aims to educate artists and art aficionados on nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and the broader Web3 ecosystem through workshops held in the gallery after its official launch. 

Danilo Carlucci, the founder of investment firm Morningstar Ventures and 37xDubai, which is based in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). Carlucci spoke about its goals with the new art gallery and why it is diving into NFTs and Web3 despite the conditions of current markets.

Carlucci says the gallery is “an effort to bridge art and technology in one place.” Being a more traditional venture capital fund, the executive said the art gallery is Morningstar Venture’s way to diversify into the more creative digital art and NFT space. He said: 

“We have various different types of digital arts, but we also have NFTs displayed. We don’t just sell these specifically handpicked NFTs, but we also educate the people who are visiting our gallery about what NFTs are.” 

Apart from displaying NFTs inside the gallery, the 37xDubai founder also highlighted that it is using NFTs that are inspired by its Tree of Life art installation as a membership token. 

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