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By joining the Super Space Defenders, you become a part of a community where art, games & nostalgic anime culture comes to life!

The Super Space Defenders (SSD) is a Web3 brand that embodies ‘80s & ‘90s nostalgic anime culture, has a passion for dystopian story-telling and is dedicated to building fandom through community events and creations!

The Aurora Capsules [Genesis Collection] and Super Space Defenders [Main Collection] are critical components of our ecosystem and come with future Web2 and Web3 utilities such as; NFT Drops, Tokens, Educational Programs [Fine Arts], Story-Telling Games, and much more!

The initiatives we are currently pursuing won’t restrict our ability to create content, innovate or build. Instead, they will allow us to scale the Super Space Defenders, bring back nostalgic anime culture, and deliver new, exciting and meaningful experiences while keeping the Community’s best interests and development of the project in mind [short and long term].

The time is now, Soldier! Join the Defenders today and let’s be part of this new society!

How did you come up with the ideas?

Maco’s (project’s artist) work is mainly focused on retro and nostalgic art style, so it started with the goal of representing this style and era in the NFT space.
Anime projects weren’t in that much demand at the time, with only 0N1 Force being around (few days), but that has changed in early 2022.

What Makes this project unique?

Few projects manage to frame accurately the nostalgic art style we find in retro anime, those most of us used to watch in our childhood, and continue to watch even nowadays.
People in this space have supported Maco for this same reason, buying his NFTs even before there were plans to create a generative collection, or before presenting any kind of utility. All cuz of the art.
The lore present in SSD is also big part of what we’re creating. Everything, from art to utility, revolves around the universe we’ve create with the amazing lore written by our dedicated write.
Everything tied together in harmony, making the SSD universe unique.

  • How Big is the team and what are their roles?
    • SSD has a team of 9 integrants:
  • – Maco →→ Project Founder and Artist=
  • – Vanglog →→ Community Manager and Administrative Director
  • – NFT Forge →→ Developers
  • – Junshi →→ Marketing Advisor
  • – Knox →→ Lore Writer
  • – Alchemist →→ Lead Commander (Head Mod)
  • – Tapas →→ Research and Development Specialist
  • – Memethologist →→ Research and Development Specialist
  • – Rollinorama →→ Game Developer

What is the price?

Allowlist / Friends’ List →→ 0.06 ETH
Public →→ 0.08 ETH

Why is that price fair?
Since the start of the project, roughly 1 year ago, we always wanted it to be affordable so everyone that resonates with the project artwork and lore could be part of it, while also trying to raise enough funds to implement our future plans and utilities.
That was true back then, and it is still true right now.

What is the Mint Size?

8,888 NFTs

Are there any mechanics we should know about?

We always try to make the mint experience fun. That happened with Aurora Capsules collection (Genesis collection), and we’ll have something even better this time around.
The mint itself is as simple as possible. Flat price, with a fixed time window for you to mint.

Links to discord, social, etc.

• Twitter:

• Artist’s Twitter:

• Discord:

• Webpage:

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