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Filmax launches a collection of NFTs to commemorate the anniversary of REC



Source: Observatorioblockchain

Filmax will release a collection of NFTs to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the horror film REC. It will do so within the framework of the 55th edition of the Sitges Film Festival. The collection will include exclusive and limited pieces of hyper-realistic and terrifying 3D figures.

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The film company explains that the NFTs will be used so that their owners can enjoy a series of exclusive experiences, such as events, raffles or gifts, but also to be an active part of the community that loves the horror genre. Likewise, the owners will also be able to participate in making decisions about the direction of the collection.

Filmax NFT

To develop the project , Filmax has relied on Vottun, a technology startup with extensive experience in launching NFT collections. Among others, he has collaborated with the series of the painter Felipao, that of the photographer Cuco de Frutos or with the Durán auction house. The company underlines that it has always been committed to technological innovation and that the launch of the NFTs collection is a way of entering Web3.

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The film REC, directed by Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza and produced by Filmax, is one of the most popular horror films in world cinematographic history. The production, led by Julio Fernández, redefined the horror genre with an innovative proposal, becoming one of the most appreciated films by lovers of the genre. Thanks to the success of the public and critics, it received numerous awards, which made possible the birth of an unprecedented franchise in Spain up to that moment. It featured three sequels and an American remake.

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major american studios

Filmax, based in Barcelona, ​​thus joins the trend of the big North American studios. Like Disney, Lionsgate, Paramount, Universal Pictures or Fox Entertainment. The latter announced at the end of last year the creation of the Blockchain area, which it endowed with a fund of $100 million. The Coopola family pioneered the use of blockchain technology in film. His Descentralizes Pictures project,  focused on independent cinema, began to take shape in the summer of 2018.

“Bull Run”, tokenized film in Spain about bitcoin, raises 320,000 euros

In Spain, the first film financed entirely with blockchain technology was “Bull Run”, directed by Ana Ramón Rubio. The tape obtained the 320,000 euros necessary for its realization in 24 hours with the sale of bull tokens to private investors. At the beginning of the year, the film “Calladita”, directed by Miguel Faus, obtained financing of more than one million euros with the sale of NFTs.

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Filmax has now become the first independent Spanish film and television studio to enter the tokenized economy of Web3. Filmax highlights the importance of Web3 for companies and refers to it as a new way of connecting with the public, by offering the possibility of being an active part of a community. In this case, from the REC movie community.

Sitges Festival

Although fans can already begin to be part of this community, the NFTs will go on sale during the Sitges Festival, where an official presentation of the project will take place. In parallel, the world premiere of the documentary “REC Terror Sin Pausa” will be produced , directed by Diego López-Fernández, which portrays the birth and impact of the first installment of the mythical horror saga through the experiences of its protagonists.

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Created by Julio Fernández in 1987, Filmax is one of the main Spanish audiovisual companies. Based in Barcelona, ​​it is directed by Carlos Fernández and brings together all areas of the film process: development of the idea, production, exhibition and distribution and international sales. It has produced almost 100 feature films since its inception.

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