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Binance NFT Promises Mike Tyson Meeting



Source: Nftplazas / Tokoni Uti

Many boxing fans worldwide would have dreamed of meeting Mike Tyson at some point. It turns out they can, and NFTs are the way to do it. This is all thanks to a new initiative by Binance NFT, the NFT arm of the popular exchange. 

How Can Fans Meet Tyson?

As Binance has revealed, the initiative, dubbed the Mike Tyson Golden Mystery Box NFT, will begin on December 1, 2022. On the date, 4,750 NFTs will be available for sale, each at a price of 44 $BUSD. These NFTs will also come at four rarity levels; Gold, Ruby, Silver, and Bronze.

There is just one gold NFT. Holding it will allow the winner to meet the iconic boxer. Buyerswill not know the rarity of their NFT till after the sale. Whoever wins the gold NFT will also not immediately know the exact details of their meeting with Tyson.

“The lucky winner of the Gold NFT will be able to redeem this NFT for a once-in-a-lifetime mystery Tyson experience. Collectors can also unlock signed merchandise and exclusive access to premium digital collectibles and airdrops!” – Binance

The winner of the ruby NFTs will get signed merchandise, and the silver and bronze winners will get free airdrops of Tyson’s incoming digital collectables.

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