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Renowned DJ and producer Steve Aoki launches NFT collection at The Sandbox



The collection has more than 3,000 exclusive pieces that will provide additional benefits to their owners.

The NFT Avatars of DJ, producer and musician Steve Aoki, will arrive to The Sandbox metaverse through a collection of more than 3 thousand exclusive pieces.  

Aoki, besides being a recognized figure in the music world, has been an important supporter of the crypto movement worldwide for some years and has his own project called A0K1VERSE.

They will be a collection of 3,333 pieces representing the artist, and each avatar will be a playable piece within The Sandbox metaverse, unlocking unique functionalities and giving owners the chance to earn sand by playing.

The collection of Steve Aoki’s NFT avatars, all featuring the musician’s face in different facets, guarantees that no two pieces will be alike, all with different levels of rarity.

As mentioned by «nftplazas» on its website, the Steve Aoki avatars will come in six different rarity levels with corresponding supply levels; Human (35%), Android (22%), Rainbow (18%), Hybrid (14%), Diamond (9%) and Gold (2%).

In addition, each piece will also be available for the next season of The Sandbox Alpha Season 3.

These avatars will allow the user who acquires them to enter The Sandbox to travel through the virtual universe as Steve Aoki.

Another benefit of using the avatars is that owners will be able to participate in exclusive Play & Earn events led by Steve Aoki. In the same way, owners will be able to enter the artist’s concerts in the real world for free.

Mining of the avatars began on July 25, for those on the whitelist. However, for public sale, they will be available on July 27 at 2 p. m. UTC. Each avatar will cost $100 SAND, or about $134 USD, and users can mint from two to four NFT depending on when they mint.

About Steve Aoki

American artist, DJ, record producer and record executive. He has extensive experience on stage worldwide, has performed in many shows and has worked with some of the biggest artists in the world such as Louis Tomlinson, Backstreet Boys, BTS,, David Guetta, among others.

He has had a highly successful career since its inception in 1996, having albums on the Billboard chart and tracks nominated for Grammy awards respectively in 2013.

Steve Aoki is in a small group of big celebrities who are the most involved in non-fungible tokens.

In addition, Aoki owns his metaverse platform known as ‘The A0K1VERSE’. It is an exclusive membership community that provides benefits to active members and collectors.

In this way Aoki joins the large number of artists who have ventured into this world of new technologies of non fungible tokens (NFT), metaverse and blockchain, where we can already find Snoop Dogg, GaryVee and Paris Hilton, to name a few of them.

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