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PhotoVogue comes to the Web 3



Benefits for artists include a 25% bonus on primary sales for the first month

On July 26 Vogue announced that one of its projects, PhotoVogue, will be introduced for the first time on web 3 with an inaugural NFT Residency program. For this project PhotoVogue will work on developing NFTs in partnership with Voice, a carbon neutral NFT platform that aligns with one of Vogue’s current interests.

«The NFT residency is a month-long virtual experience where Voice will help artists successfully produce and sell their first NFT collection.»

The artists who will be part of this first launch have not yet been released, however the PhotoVogue team said the benefits for artists include a 25% bonus on primary sales for the first month, a $700 stipend and $750 in Voice platform credits to purchase NFT, as well as invitations to digital workshops and mentorships.

This is not the first time the magazine has decided to commit to digital assets, Vogue strongly believes that NFTs through blockchain technology allow the authentication of a digital asset to be guaranteed, and that they offer a much more exclusive and secure type of collectible asset by allowing for registration and tracking.

About Voice

Voice is a platform where you can mint, buy, and sell digital creations in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).Voice has its own blockchain using a technology known as EOSIO that takes care of the hard parts. Its algorithm is less energy intensive than those of other chains, meaning that it’s not only efficient but fast. 

About Photo Vogue

PhotoVogue is an initiative that curates a pool of incredible image makers from around the world to create an international database of the most interesting voices in contemporary photography. The project mission has always been and will continue to be to champion talent, reach into historically excluded communities, improve visual literacy and shape a more just, ethical and inclusive visual world.

PhotoVogue aligns with Condé Nast’s goal of celebrating our differences; we are a collection of more than 6.000 individuals serving 37 brands in 26 languages, spanning 32 markets worldwide. Soon PhotoVogue will also accept submissions from video makers, digital artists, and illustrators—creating a new generation of multimedia contributors.

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