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Italian soccer clubs will now have their own NFT collections 



Soccer continues to add NFT collections, this time from Italian soccer with the aim of expanding its fan community.

Italian Serie A soccer, which includes teams such as Inter Milan, Juventus, Lazio, Napoli, among others, announced this week its partnership with Sorare, the non fungible token (NFT) sports ke platform, to launch collectible cards from the Italian league’s championship tournaments. The launch of the cards is scheduled to begin in the summer of this year.

The alliance includes 17 of the 20 Serie A clubs. Some heavyweight teams such as Inter Milan, Roma, and Juventus will not participate in the creation of NFTs for the time being. Sorare, an important and innovative platform in the field of sports NFTs, still does not rule out future collaborations with the teams as they are currently in negotiations with all the clubs. 

The NFT collection is aimed at the Italian championship fan community who will be able to collect, trade and even compete for other collectible cards with other fan users of the tournament in the 2022-2023 season. Sorare will be joined by OneFootball, a soccer communication company, who will also join the creation of digital collectibles.

Sorare is not a new name for soccer fans. At the end of June, Paris Saint Germain striker Mbappé announced that he had become an investor and ambassador of the company.  The acquisition is aimed at expanding the partnership in the long term. The partnership also has a social component based on support for the PSG club’s own Fondation du Joueur.

«This partnership is another milestone in our journey to become the next sports entertainment giant. Lega Serie A is a global soccer powerhouse and home to many of the most celebrated and iconic teams in sports history. It is also home to some of the most passionate and enthusiastic fans in world soccer.» – Sorare

Serie A has been experimenting in the metaverse since earlier this year after becoming the first soccer championship to broadcast a match in the metaverse by showing the Milan-Fiorentina match, accompanied by a collection of 10,000 NFTs, although it was aimed exclusively at the Middle East and North Africa. 

About Sorare

Sorare is an online fantasy soccer game with a cryptocurrency twist. Players use nonfungible tokens (NFTs) to purchase, own and resell collectible digital cards. As with traditional fantasy soccer, players build their lineup every week. Points are awarded in-game based on professional soccer stars’ on-the-pitch stats. The weekly goal is to beat other users within the leagues by getting the most points.

NFTs provide Sorare with an extra dimension as they can be traded outside of the game on marketplaces like Opensea and Rarible. So, if you have a card in demand, you could make some serious profits. With licensed players from over 200 teams, gamers can choose from digital trading cards featuring AC Milan, Juventus, Liverpool FC, Real Madrid, the Paris Saint-Germain FC, J.League teams (Japan), La Liga (Spain) and Major League Soccer.

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