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GemSet’s Remarkable Advisory Board to Take the Unique NFT Collection to New Heights



Source: GlobeNewswire / Gem Set

Today, GemSet is proud to introduce their esteemed advisory board. The talented and experienced group will be lending their expertise as the work begins to bring the GemSet NFT collection to life. The advisory board includes experts in art, blockchain technology, and more.

For those uninitiated, GemSet is a group of 10,000 premier NFTs created by renowned South African artist Johnathan Schultz. He is reinventing contemporary art to merge into digital art seamlessly. Johnathan is inspired by precious metals and diamonds – two of his country’s valuable resources. He works magic on these elements to create iconic pieces of art. He is now set to take the digital world by storm through his premier NFT collection on GemSet.

The team of experts brings a unique mix of experience in various fields. As advisors, GemSet has secured Vault721, a full-service Web3 agency that bridges the gap between the digital and physical worlds. Vault721 specializes in developing blockchain products and services and taking ideas from inception to market using the most progressive technologies and methodologies. 

«To say we are honoured to be working with an artist like Johnathan is an understatement. As he constructs his fine art, he digitally draws each trait and GEM in this generative collection. His craftsmanship with precious metals and diamonds grace his canvases and sculptures is mirrored in his creativity and detail in his first ever digital art collection,» the agency spokesperson said.

It is no secret that NFTs have witnessed a quick and tremendous spike in popularity because they converge finance, real estate, art, and ownership. The use cases are diverse and attract billions of dollars of investment into the ecosystem.

Dealing with legal complications is challenging. While there is considerable promise, NFTs raise several legal concerns and implications, including securities laws, contracts, and intellectual property rights, among many other regulatory frameworks. Therefore, GemSet must seek the expertise of an NFT lawyer who understands how to bring much-needed clarity to capitalizing on possibilities in the complicated and risk-laden NFT ecosystem.

Attorneys Gai Sher and Eric Galen will be the pillars to hold the legal framework of GemSet. Both the attorneys have impeccable records and belong to the reputed law firm Greenspoon Marder LLC

Gai was recently recognized on The National Law Journal’s 2022 Trailblazers list for Cryptocurrency/Blockchain/Fintech Law. She is well-versed in business law and has successfully handled multiple NFT cases. 

«Johnathan Schultz is not only an artist, but he’s also a storyteller. I’m excited to witness Johnathan charter new mediums as he brings his art to life and allows us all to take part in the journey and the world of GEM,» Gai said when asked about the partnership. 

Law veteran Mr. Eric Galen leads Greenspoon Marder’s innovation & Technology Group. He leverages his unique corporate, Web3, media, and entertainment law background to help clients succeed.

His diverse clientele and collaborators include giants like Intel, Microsoft, Doodles, E11even Crypto, Fullscreen, Route, Calm, GameSquare Esports, OPI, Jaunt VR, Baccarat, Blo Dry Bar, Awesomeness TV, Tik Tok, Imagine Entertainment, Milk & Honey, Audiomack, and Haute Living.

Besides having a rock-solid legal foundation, GemSet aims to be on top of its business game. Nikita Sachdev, an Indian-American serial entrepreneur, and an investor, will advise GemSet through the roller coaster of entrepreneurship. Nikita has built an impressive pedigree as the CEO and Founder of Luna PR, CEO of Cointelegraph Mena, and Host of CNBC Arabia’s first blockchain and Crypto Show.

Since 2017, she has created a number of web3-related businesses under Luna Media Corporation. Nikita has a deep interest in a variety of businesses, but she discovered her passion in the Crypto and Blockchain area in 2017 while working for the crypto giant Huobi. She is enthusiastic about the blockchain sector and hopes to promote public awareness of it through the press, social media, and other educational channels.

It can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends in a rapidly changing world. But at GemSet, the belief is that diamonds are forever, and so is their commitment to innovation. The team of experts are committed in helping create a robust blockchain platform to bring art ownership into the digital age.

About GemSet

GemSet is a collection of 10,000 generative NFTs. Johnathan Schlutz, the artist, has personally picked and hand-drawn approximately 180+ traits. GemSet NFTs will get you access to GemSet goods and make you eligible for our staking pools, where you may stake your GemSet NFT for rewards.

To learn more about GemSet visit:

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