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Cronos Cruisers NFTs Launch on Cronos Chain, Introducing Ecosystem-Wide Utility for Next Generation of Web3 Users



Source: GlobeNewswire / Cronos

Today, the leading Cosmos-built and EVM-compatible blockchain, Cronos, sees the official launch of the flagship NFT collection, Cronos Cruisers. With 8,000 algorithmically-generated space and alien racer-themed NFTs, the collection evokes the community’s determination to weather the storm during the crypto winter, and offers numerous holder-only cross-dApp utilities and perks in addition to status value within the Cronos ecosystem.

Cronos Cruisers was designed in collaboration with Cronos Labs, the $100m accelerator program that focuses on the development of the Cronos ecosystem, and is launched in partnership with Minted, a leading multi-chain NFT platform. 

Exclusive Holder-Only Utilities and Benefits

The Minted platform, an NFT platform poised to be a ‘Digital Bazaar of Wonders’ for Web3 users to discover, trade, and earn with NFTs, has agreed to introduce a series of exclusive utilities and benefits for holders of the Cronos Cruisers NFT, including: 

  • NFT staking booster – Cruisers Hodlers will earn an $MTD staking reward boost on Minted’s MTD vaults by staking their NFTs.
  • Exclusive allow-listing on Minted – Cruisers Hodlers will be able to earn free pre-sale list spots from various projects that launch on Minted. Based on 4 tiers of rarity depending on the traits, the rarer the Cronos Cruiser, the more likely the owner will be to get on the list.
  • Platform fee rebates – Cronos Cruiser stakers will be offered various platform fee rebates for trading on Minted. The rarer the Cronos Cruisers being staked, the higher the platform fee discount.

Additionally, Cronos Cruisers’ roadmap includes upcoming partnerships and collaborations with additional high-profile dApps and projects on Cronos Chain to provide additional holder-only benefits to Cronos Cruiser owners. 

“Landing at a time when Web3 exploration starts to hit the cultural mainstream, Cronos Cruisers aims to explore new grounds by introducing measurable benefits for NFT owners, beyond artistic value and status. The Minted team believes that the addition of tangible utilities on-chain will further incentivize and engage the next generation of creators and users to Web3 platforms by providing a secure, polished and diverse platform for the next wave of the world’s top NFT collections.” – Matt Wan, Director of Brand and Business Partnerships, Minted.

A Symbol of Unity for the Community

The Cronos Cruisers NFT Profile-Picture (PFP) collection has been created for the most passionate members of the Cronos community. By owning and sharing a Cronos Cruiser PFP, active members of the Cronos ecosystem (#CROfam) can signal their continued support of cryptocurrencies.

“The Cronos Cruisers collection is really inspiring and timely, given its narrative of survival and victory through the crypto winter. The characters are cool-looking alien racers who are brave and bold enough to whizz through market turbulence, conquer the climbs, survive the drops and traps however long and hard the road may be, and emerge as the ultimate pioneers. Cronos Labs is delighted to see this partnership between Minted and Cronos Cruisers, which is a way of bringing our community (#CROfam) closer together and building towards a Web3 future.” – Ken Timsit, Managing Director, Cronos Chain and Cronos Labs Accelerator.

Each unique piece is available starting on September 16th, 2022 until September 23rd, 2022 at 10pm UTC for a mint price of 650 $CRO and distributed randomly using a smart contract deployed on the Cronos chain.

The second phase of the Cronos Cruisers roadmap is set to launch in the coming weeks, as Cronos prepares to release exclusive allowlist partnerships with other NFT projects launched on Minted, and other partnerships with leading Cronos dApps. The NFT creators are also exploring potential gamification concepts for 2023. 

For more information about the collection’s cartoon alien racer characters and how they offer a symbol of unity for the Cronos community, read the full blog post on Medium.

About Cronos

Cronos ( is the first EVM-compatible Layer 1 blockchain network built on the Cosmos SDK, supported by, and more than 300+ app developers and partners.

Cronos is building an open ecosystem where developers can create their own DeFi and GameFi applications, targeting a base of 50+ million users globally. Earlier this year, Cronos Labs launched a $100M Accelerator program to help developers build new projects and the future of Web3 within the Cronos ecosystem.

When developers build on Cronos, they can leverage all Ethereum developer tools (i.e. Solidity, Truffle, Hardhat, OpenZeppelin, Web3.js, ethers.js, ChainSafe Gaming SDK); leading crypto wallets (i.e. MetaMask, Defi Wallet, Trust Wallet); wrapped versions of the world’s top 50 cryptocurrencies; Cronos Play, a suite of developer tools for Unity, C++ and Unreal engine; inter-blockchain communication (IBC) cross-chain connectivity to Cosmos chains; and a rich ecosystem of composable DeFi and GameFi dApps.

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