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A renowned Latin American artist will launch his NFT collection with exclusive designs



Milo Lockett creates Miloverso full of digital art and emblematic elements

The NFT collection entitled Miloverso, by Argentine artist Milo Lockett in collaboration with a team of artists, features a total of 11,111 works created entirely from his art and handmade with a high quality 3D design, will soon be available in The Collections, NFT’s ecosystem that brings together works by Latin American artists. 

The artist has created by hand more than a hundred works of art in brushes and unique fibers, which were then captured in 3D with a team of digital artists. The collection is inspired by one of his most emblematic characters: the elephant, which represents luck, wisdom and protection in different cultures. The collection will first be available in the United States and can be purchased through its website

The art included hearts, butterflies, crowns, crests, different eyes, ears, trunks, which are typical pieces of the artist’s paintings, but with a touch of reflection on the metaverse. These elements were painted with different textures such as wood and glass and with silver and gold colors, among others. Additionally, pieces such as virtual reality glasses, laser vision, masks and exclusive designs for the collection have been included.

«We chose Milo Lockett because he is a tremendously popular artist in Argentina. Over the years, Milo has become distinguished and loved for his art. In all of his works there are countless characters and creatures from his ingenuity» – Guillermo Mutis, Co-Founder of The Collections 

The Collections is a platform that encourages creators from different fields to land in the Metaverse and develops the process in an integral way supporting the creation or co-creation, communication strategy, generation of communities of specialized channels and development of the blockchain until the end of the tokens, as they clarify in a press release. 

About Milo Lockett 

Milo Lockett is an Argentine plastic artist, self-taught, who began his career after working for several years in the textile industry. For more than 20 years he has participated in solo and group exhibitions in his country and around the world. He has won numerous awards and actively participates in various projects, donating part of his work for social purposes. She also designs furniture, bags, clothing, eyewear and decorative objects.

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