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Vogue recreates a virtual world to connect with the Web3 audience



Source: Observatorioblockchain / Jennifer Maldonado

Vogue magazine is taking its readers to Web3 through Vogue’s New World , a virtual world recreated on the platform. Within this platform, in which Ready Player Me (avatar technology) and Polycount (3D experiences) also collaborate, the publication connects with its readers in virtual worlds. What Vogue does is offer an immersive experience to its users, allowing them to wander through space, meet other avatars and show them images and content that reflect their story. The first phase of Vogue’s New World was launched earlier this month. The second is planned for October, coinciding with the anniversary of the publication.

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Vogue Veb3

Vogue’s New World or, the New World of Vogue , is presented as a dreamlike and immersive 360-degree space, showing its future relationship with its community of readers. In addition to customizing their avatar, users/readers can dress in two exclusive couture creations from designer Yimeng Yu. Currently, the virtual world of Vogue accumulates more than 13,130 visits 

From its Singaporean edition, Vogue also launched an interactive cover featuring supermodel Lina Zhang this month . Thus, readers of the publication can interact with the digital cover from their smartphones or from the computer. 

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Collaboration with Epic Games

Vogue, which had a very active presence during the Decentraland metaverse’s first Fashion Week celebration, is working with video game developer Epic Games to launch an event focused on the metaverse. Called, » Vogue Business Metaverse Atelier «, it is an exclusive appointment for subscribers to the publication. At the event, which will take place on Thursday, September 22, Vogue will welcome its virtual world and invite its readers to explore the entire virtual fashion process. 

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According to the aforementioned publication, attendees will be able to experience a curated three-dimensional digital fashion presentation at “Vogue Business Metaverse Atelier”. In addition, they will be able to learn directly from leading digital designers and network with other members of the virtual world. 

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Although Vogue’s New World is the publication’s first virtual world, it is not their first date in the Metaverse. In March of this year, she launched a digital experience alongside Yahoo Metaverse, where she took members to a virtual island to listen to a talk on fashion and the metaverse. The convened experts talked about how to make sense of the world of fashion in the metaverse and pointed out the opportunities for brands within this new universe. Vogue underlines that although there is no paradigm on how to explore the metaverse and Web3, focusing on new technologies is a must for brands.

new consumers

Web3 is having a profound transformative effect on the fashion industry and many firms and companies in the sector have already begun to experiment with new technologies to reinvent themselves. They are doing this by changing the way they present their products to the world and approach younger consumers. 

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As part of its transition to Web3, Vogue launched two Vogue Singapore digital covers as NFT tokens in September last year, in collaboration with the company The Fabricant. At the time, Vogue Singapore Editor-in-Chief Norman Tan called the release of said covers a bold step into the metaverse. According to Tan, the virtual world has become the destination for the new generation of digital artists and designers. On Opensea, one of Vogue’s two NFT covers, ‘The RenaiXance Rising’, sold for 5.25 ETH (about $7,200 currently). 

Bet on Web3

Vogue, the most influential fashion publication in the world of fashion, has always been at the forefront of this industry. Its 130 years of history guarantee its trajectory as a catalyst for new trends. Now, the American publication is betting heavily on Web3, as one of the most important technological changes of our time.

Tommy Hilfiger’s director of digital product creation, Tracey Mancenido, believes that the next generation of the internet has become the intersection of the fashion industry, technology and innovation. The Tommy Hilfiger firm is also carrying out experiences with metaverse platforms and in the field of NFTs. Recently, he broadcast his parade in New York live on the Roblox platform

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