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Zara launches physical and digital garments in the Zepeto metaverse and a channel on Snapchat



Source: Observatorioblockchain / Jennifer Maldonado

Spanish fashion brand Zara has launched a new clothing collection for both the physical and digital (Phygital) worlds on Zepeto, the Korean metaverse with more than 320 million users. The new collection, titled Y2K Creatures, is made up of sweaters, skirts, a bag, a pair of boots, a shift dress, a top and a knitted vest. The prices of the garments range between 19.95 and 49.95 euros in physical stores. The ten garments are accompanied by a collection of exclusive virtual items available in the Zepeto metaverse. Among them, a photobooth, so that the avatars can take photos and share them, as well as different hairstyles. The metaversian collection is accessible from the website itself .

What is Zepeto, the South Korean metaverse where Zara has launched its virtual garments?

Zara and the Zepeto metaverse

For its Y2K Creatures fashion collection, Zara has opted for garments with a unique style and textures, inspired by a dragon. The Spanish fashion brand has used light, organic and delicate pieces, made of top quality materials such as organza. 

In addition to presenting its new Phygital fashion collection in the Zepeto metaverse, Zara is also launching a new channel on Snapchat. Through this new communication channel, the Spanish fashion brand will offer its users the possibility of using two special filters. Both, inspired by Y2K Creatures, can be used as virtual accessories. On its Snapchat channel, Zara also plans to launch unpublished content for its consumers and users. 

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First collection, in December

Zara launched its first virtual fashion collection in the Zepeto metaverse in December last year. At that time, the Spanish fashion brand collaborated with the art collective Ader Error to launch the “AZ Collection”. A collection inspired by the different lifestyles and experiences of people who live in the real and virtual world. “AZ Collection” was also available at various select brand stores in the real world as well as in the Zepeto metaverse.

ZepetoX, metaverso Web3 

Brands are building the metaconsumer of the metaverse

Last month, the South Korean metaverse platform launched a version of its metaverse on the Solana blockchain, called ZepetoX. Through this new platform, the company offers new gamification and monetization tools for its users, so that they can obtain profitability from their virtual items and products. Naver Z, the company that operates the Zepeto metaverse, claims that ZepetoX is the gateway to the blockchain world, bringing its millions of users to the opportunities of cryptocurrencies and the Web3. 

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In addition to Zara, other world-renowned fashion brands such as Nike or Gucci have also released clothing and digital collectibles in the Zepeto metaverse. Technological advances and the new habits of younger consumers are driving fashion brands to reinvent the ways of selling clothes. The Phygital concept , an acronym for Physical + digital, refers to the presence of the same person in both the physical and digital worlds.

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