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Victoria’s Promise the 1st UK based charity to release their own NFT collection



Source: EIN News

Victoria’s Promise the 1st UK based and female dedicated charity announces that they will be releasing their own dedicated collection of NFTs “Promise Bears”

“I am so excited and grateful that we have this opportunity. As a modern charity we are always looking for more innovative ways to fund our vital services.

 Victoria’s Promise the 1st UK based and female dedicated charity is proud to announce that they will be releasing their own dedicated collection of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) “Promise Bears” on 1 August 2022 to fund their continued efforts to provide care and support for young women with cancer.

The charity has teamed up with renowned digital artist Penny Crayon NFT for a limited release of “Promise Bears”. Each bear will be completely unique with differentiating features of varying rarity and will be available for purchase on Algorand, the world’s most decentralised, scalable, and secure blockchain infrastructure.

Victoria’s Promise launched an app in 2021 to support young women with any cancer internationally. 600 women across the world are already using the app, which welcomes women between the ages of 18 and 50 and their families in providing access to a highly supportive community at every stage in their cancer journey.

Victoria’s Promise has always had a strong connection and affinity with bears. The organisation was founded on the promise of Victoria Van der Westhuizen, who sadly passed away from cancer at the age of 29 but vowed to use her experience to help others facing the same difficult journey as she did. Victoria always loved bears, and a plush bear was ever present by her side in her final months. Therefore it made perfect sense for the charity to choose the animal as its inspiration for their NFT project.

The charity’s co-founder, CEO and mother of Victoria, Fiona, said of this exciting release, “I am so excited and grateful that we have this opportunity. As a modern charity we are always looking for more innovative ways to fund our vital services. The Promise Bears present an opportunity for people to not only support young women with cancer, but in return to be receiving something special and of value, something that could well rise in value, maybe even dramatically, especially with the Promise Bears being a landmark project taking place at the birth of a new era of art and technology. At the very least, each owner of a bear will have a unique one-of-a-kind digital artwork as a symbol of their support of young women with cancer. These bears are true collectors items, the first of their kind”

Each Promise Bear will be purchasable for just £35 and will be released to the public on 010822 (early-access on 280722). Only 5,000 individual NFTs will be available for sale, making this a truly one-of-a-kind opportunity to own a distinctive piece of digital art which is both meaningful and will have a positive impact on female cancer patients across the UK and beyond.

Each donor must first set up an algo account with Algorand in order to purchase a Promise Bear NFT. The added benefit of using a powerful blockchain infrastructure like Algorand is that the initial donation will go a long way in proliferating the growth of Victoria’s Promise’s outreach with a community that truly loves and supports the charity. Victoria’s Promise is committed to an environmentally-friendly future; Algorand suits their requirements as an energy-efficient, carbon-negative platform with a high level of security.

Each sale will enable Victoria’s Promise to bring young women going through their cancer journey into their care and support. Promise Bears will be available to purchase on 1 August 2022.

NFTs are a fast emerging phenomena in the art world that utilises blockchain technology to allow for artists to be able to authenticate their artwork in the digital space. Since the emergence of the internet, artists have been unable to control the ownership and therefore the value of their art online due to the ease of replication of digital formats. This has left most artists struggling to create an income for their works.

The power of NFTs puts power back in the hands of the artists and allows for collectors and fans of the art to own authentic originals, one-off pieces and more directly support the artists they enjoy. Penny Crayon NFT is a fast-growing artist who was recently invited to talk at the Tate Modern about her artworks; Victoria’s Promise is thrilled to be supporting her work.

If you would like to find out more about this landmark release, more updates will be released in on Twitter (@thepromisebears) and Discord ( The Discord group will allow donors to ask how to set up wallets, where to buy and any other questions they may have.

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Editor’s Notes

About Victoria’s Promise

Victoria’s Promise supports women who face a cancer diagnosis, instilling hope and fortitude. This comes from providing the comfort of a community of like-minded individuals, as well as tools to build their empowerment and resilience.

The charity is based on the vision of a woman who acutely understood how important these things are. It fulfils a vow Victoria Van Der Westhuizen made, which her family have been honoured to keep.

Our Vision: A community of young women discovering peace, joy connection and understanding, as they are supported and empowered to flourish through cancer.

Our Mission: The mission of Victoria’s Promise is to connect, support empower and serve its tribe, so that each individual may flourish through their journey with cancer.

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