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Tamadoge Price Forecast as Rare NFT Collection Launches on OpenSea – How to Buy?



Source: Cryptonews

The recent release of the rare Tamadoge NFT collection has prompted a sharp increase in the number of investors interested in the project. How high could Tamadoge climb? Let’s find out.

What is Tamadoge?

Tamadoge is a utility-centric meme coin that has been turning heads since selling out its $19 million presale far ahead of estimates. With the project boasting elements from the Metaverse, NFTs, and play-to-earn (P2E), Tamadoge appeals to a wide audience of crypto enthusiasts, likely a large contributor to the project’s success. 

Tamadoge Splash (

The core gameplay of the Tamadoge P2E experience centers around a virtual world dubbed the Tamaverse. Players are free to explore this world while raising NFT-based pets. As the player improves the ranking of their NFT pet using items from the in-game store, they earn Dogepoints, increasing their leaderboard ranking and boosting their share of the reward pool.

Tamadoge NFTs

On October 3rd, Tamadoge released a collection of 100 ultra-rare NFTs with boosted stats. This collection was sold as an auction, with NFTs from the collection going on to list for multiple times their sale value. 

Tamadoge Rare NFTs  (OpenSea)

Now, Tamadoge has launched its next collection, consisting of 1,000 rare NFTs boasting boosted stats to help players climb the leaderboard when playing any Tamadoge game. Holders of any Tamadoge collection will be airdropped with a puppy version of their NFT for use in Tamadoge’s upcoming flagship P2E game. 

A further 20,000 common NFTs will soon be released, ensuring that everyone has a chance to get their hands on a Tamadoge NFT ahead of the release of its various games. 

It’s easy to purchase a Tamadoge NFT. The rare collection is available on OpenSea via Dutch auction until October 19th at 3 pm UTC. To purchase an NFT, simply choose a pet you like the looks of, and complete the purchase on OpenSea. As the price for each NFT will slowly drop as the auction progresses, it’s important to act fast in order to avoid missing out. 

Tamadoge Price Forecast

Thanks to Tamadoge surging to $0.197 soon after its listing on OKX, the project has recently attracted a lot of attention from investors. On October 20th, TAMA will list on CoinW, further boosting demand. Combined with the release of the Tamadoge NFT collections marking the rollout of the project’s first core feature, we could see some big things from TAMA very soon.


With $0.197 marking both Tamadoge’s all-time high and an important psychological resistance level, it’s likely that TAMA will gather strength before a move toward this region. As such, it could be worth stocking up on TAMA tokens ahead of the next big announcement. Furthermore, the Tamadoge NFT collections could make for an equally good investment.

You can check out Tamadoge NFTs using this link.

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