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“REMO and the Earthly Elements” NFT Drop by Joey Tadiar



Source: Street Art News

Joey Tadiar, a London-based Web 3 artist and creative director of Kapsule Studios, has announced the release of his first solo NFT art project.

The announcement comes as NFTs and digital art are on the cusp of becoming mainstream, and as select NFTs enjoy skyrocketing values. Joey’s NFTs will be available for purchase on Nifty Gateway, an established, premium NFT marketplace used by the world’s biggest digital collectors. As this will be Joeys first NFT offering, these works are sure to be appreciated and become his most sought-after creations.

As a digital artist and oil painter, Joey’s artwork is notable for its caricature references, innovative use of bold colours, and a fun, approachable style. His work, which is simultaneously inclusive and unique, has earned him a spot spearheading the creative direction with Warner Records and Bose on the Stickmen Toys NFT collection.

Joey’s upcoming NFT drop ‘REMO and the Earthly Elements’ was inspired by his desire to reignite his childhood curiosities and bring his dream of creating a series of toys to life. The collection features four stunning digital artworks, which collectors will be able to use to unlock physical artworks, including access to Joey’s early ideation sketchbooks, oil paintings and custom made, hand-painting resin toys.

Starting life as a sketchbook of scribbles, REMO has now been reimagined for the digital world as beautiful 3D character. Joey’s dream is to attract a familial community of collectors who want to be a part of his journey as an artist, helping to create the REMO brand by building a world revolving around stunning digital and physical artworks and a series of sought after toys suitable for serious art collectors and the next generation of art aficionados.

“Since becoming a dad earlier this year, I’ve had this burning desire to reignite all those childhood curiosities and bring my “When I grow up” dreams to life. Maybe one day, my son will be able to tell his friends ‘My dad made that!’” – Joey Tadiar, creator of REMO

While this is his first NFT offering, the London resident is hardly new to the art scene.

Joey attended acting school as a child and studied English literature and creative writing before pursuing a master’s degree in acting and screenwriting in New York City. After moving back to London, he took up oil painting, a hobby that turned into a profession during the 2020 pandemic. From there, it was on to digital and 3D art.

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