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How to transform crypto holdings into gift cards to save money on everyday shopping

This gift card store bridges digital currencies with everyday shopping, enhancing practical use and mainstream acceptance.



Source: Cointelegraph

Cryptocurrencies are evolving from speculative investments to functional currencies for everyday transactions. Live on Crypto offers gift cards for mainstream retailers, including prepaid Visa and Mastercard, bridging digital currencies with everyday shopping.

The transformation of crypto from speculative investments to functional currency for everyday transactions is essential for widespread acceptance. Achieving mainstream status for digital currencies hinges on their practical use in daily activities, particularly consumer shopping.

An increasing number of businesses are already embracing digital currencies as a valid payment option. Recent data from a Binance survey underscores this shift, as over a third of those surveyed reported using crypto for purchases on a weekly basis, with more than half of these transactions happening online.

Online transactions emerge as a robust pathway for embedding digital currencies into daily routines. They offer a seamless bridge between the digital and physical realms, making cryptocurrencies more accessible and practical for everyday use.

Unlocking opportunities with crypto gift cards

Crypto gift cards present a distinctive off-ramp solution, allowing users to bypass traditional exchange cash-outs or wallet withdrawals. Instead, users can directly convert their crypto assets into gift cards, streamlining the purchasing process.

Building on the transformative role of cryptocurrencies in daily transactions, Live on Crypto, a gift card store, emerges as a prominent example of this evolution in action. The gift card platform enables users to purchase gift cards from leading providers, including Amazon, Airbnb, Prepaid Visa and Steam, bridging the gap between digital currency holders and mainstream commerce.

Through Live on Crypto, users can purchase gift cards for various services using crypto. Source: Live on Crypto

Live on Crypto enables the direct conversion of crypto — including Bitcoin 

BTC $67,400 and Ether ETH$3,830 — into gift cards. Consumers can seamlessly transact with major retailers and service providers without the need for traditional currency exchange, expanding the utility and adoption of crypto.

Live on Crypto offers a 20% discount with the promo code “CT20OFF” at checkout.

Live on Crypto platform is powered by FoodChain Global, a blockchain organization with a mission to fight against poverty. Selling crypto gift cards represents just one aspect of its operations, and the organization’s ultimate goal is to create an ecosystem committed to alleviating global hunger.

Central to FoodChain Global’s operations is the FOOD token, which serves as the primary currency of Live on Crypto. Operating on the Polygon network, the FOOD token offers global accessibility, enabling users worldwide to participate in the fight against hunger through everyday transactions.

How to convert crypto into retail gift cards

Purchasing a gift card from Live on Crypto works similarly to mainstream e-commerce platforms’ shopping experience. No personal information is requested on signup and checkout. Simply select the product you wish to buy, in this example, a $20 Steam gift card, and add it to your cart. User will be directed to the order summary screen to review their selection. Before proceeding, make sure to have enough FOOD tokens to complete the purchase.

The order summary screen of Live on Crypto. Source: Live on Crypto

Shoppers can purchase FOOD tokens using crypto or credit cards. Users need at least $20 worth of FOOD tokens to complete the purchase. Live on Crypto is offering Cointelegraph readers an exclusive 20% discount on gift card purchases with the promo code “CT20OFF”.

Once the transaction is completed, the gift card will be delivered instantly, allowing the user to redeem the code on Steam’s gaming platform.

Gift cards offer a gateway to new shopping experiences and services, expanding consumer access to previously untapped markets. By bridging the gap between crypto users and mainstream shopping, crypto gift cards are poised to drive crypto adoption among a broader audience.

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