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Magic Eden, the largest NFT marketplace on the Solana network, will capitalize on the Ethereum network



With this expansion, users will be able to create new projects and collections of non-fungible tokens to offer for sale.

Magic Eden, recognized as the largest and most important NFT marketplace and within the Solana system, confirmed a few days ago that it will expand to the Ethereum network, so it will soon add support for a number of collections very much within the digital marketplace.

Magic Eden will initially list Ethereum NFTs hosted on other platforms, but will gradually implement more support for Ethereum-based collectibles.

With the announcement of an equity funding in June that valued the company at more than $1.5 billion, Solana’s main NFT marketplace, Magic Eden, also said it would explore multi-chain expansion in the coming months.

As mentioned by «cryptonews,» during August, Magic Eden will begin rolling out Ethereum NFT compatibility across its platform, including its launch pad, which is used to mint or create, new NFT projects, this new listing tool that allows projects to create an «allowed list» of users for new Non-Fungible Token (NFT) issuances.

The company mentioned that Magic Eden’s support for Ethereum NFTs will begin in August for EZU, the project with which users can create their profile images. There will also be tests for exchange between cryptocurrencies, so that users can make payments for collectibles with ETH, SOL or credit cards.

About Magic Eden

It is a startup launched in September 2021 whose original goal was to become the most important NFT exchange marketplace on the Solana network, which in less than a year it has already achieved.

Because it is currently the largest player in the Solana space, consistently commanding 90% or more of the trading volume there.

It is not the first application of this type that we see in said blockchain, as other competitors such as SolanArt or SolSea are also present in Solana, despite which Magic Eden beats the rest both in operations and in amount and connected accounts.

Magic Eden has managed to break through thanks to a number of important features, one of which is that it does not charge commission for publishing works, which is an attractive feature that attracts the interest of creators.

Another particularity that almost no one allows, is the possibility of making offers on NFT works that are published. These offers can be up to 50% less than the original price and no commission is charged for issuing or withdrawing the offer.

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