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Bit2Me will reward those who stake their token with bitcoin



Source: Observatorioblockchain

Spanish exchange Bit2Me will reward users who stake their B2Me utility token in a given wallet with bitcoin. Bit2Me Earn will be available from next August 10. The company highlights in a statement that the APR (Annual Percentage Yield, Annual Percentage Reward) of bitcoin comes at a time when companies that offer staking services (deposit cryptocurrencies in exchange for obtaining a return) are in a context of uncertainty.

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Bit2me, staking bitcoin

Leif Ferreira, CEO of Bit2Me, explains that this is the most appropriate time to offer a safe and reliable service to those who want to accumulate bitcoin. Ferreira indicates that the new B2M utility will offer the highest bitcoin rewards in the industry. Iñigo Gastón, head of the company’s crypto alliances, insists that the bitcoin APR is a great opportunity. The moments of turmoil, he specifies, are the best time to develop new services in the crypto sector.

Bit2Me’s agreement with Ledger to strengthen fund security includes Lloyd’s insurance

Gastón points out that the new Bit2Me Earn utility will mean a turning point in staking services in the market. In addition, Bit2Me will be the first exchange in the world to offer bitcoin rewards by staking its native token, Gastón notes.

Bit2Me, the first company recognized by the Bank of Spain to offer cryptocurrency

According to the Spanish exchange, Bit2Me Earn has not stopped growing since its launch in January 2022. The service offers rewards of up to 20% in the form of cryptocurrencies and has already reached 41 million euros and 39,000 users, the company indicates. .

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