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Yuga Labs addresses ApeFest ‘vision damage’ issue, community calls out poor management

The Bored Ape community was not very impressed by the Yuga Labs’ reaction to the mishap, calling out its lack of basic health management at the event.



Source: Cointelegraph

Several attendees of Yuga Labs’ ApeFest event on Nov. 4 in Hong Kong reported eye-related issues, including burns, damaged vision and “extreme pain” in their eyes.

Yuga Labs’ official X (formerly Twitter) account has now addressed the issue, claiming it is aware of the reports of potential eye-related issues among attendees and is investigating the cause behind them.

Yuga Labs claimed that less than 1% of the attendees have experienced eye-related problems, and most of the affected attendees are experiencing improvement in their conditions with time.

The Hong Kong event grabbed most of the headlines and attention of the crypto community on X over the weekend. Many users came up with different theories behind the eye injuries, with one pointing to a similar instance six years ago during a promotional event. At the event, third-party contractors installed disinfecting ultraviolet (UV) instead of stage lights, leading to similar eye injuries, burning, blindness and photokeratitis.

Others pointed out that the effects of the UV lights could last from a couple of hours to a few days, depending on the exposure.

Others were critical of the organizers behind the event, claiming they should have paid more attention to basic medical hazards:

“I can’t imagine paying so much money to be a part of a “club” that overlooks basic medical hazards. I have a Philipps UV Disinfectant lamp in my home, and you’re not even supposed to be in the same room as it when it’s on. It literally says in the instructions to not look at it or be within close proximity as it can also release Ozone, which is toxic/carcinogenic gas.”

Many other attendees blasted Yuga Labs for the mishap, claiming they had taken out loans to attend the event only to get more “eye-related medical bills I don’t know how to pay.”

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