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An NFT Collection that Creates a Metaverse and Unites a Global Community



Source: Crypto News

The team that announced in early 2021 that it would create a project that would unite millions of people around the world and decided to compete with Facebook’s Meta, is already showing good results in October 2022 and is attracting more and more attention from the crypto community.

Currently, the NFT Grower community has more than 21,000 members worldwide, and the team has set a goal to exceed 100,000 members by the end of the year. Despite the bear market, the capital of the manufacturer’s NFT investment pool is growing and very soon the team will announce the sale of the NFT collection on Binance, which the community is waiting for so much, because very significant prospects will be available for NFT owners, about which everything will be known in the announcement. 

Despite the bear market and the downward trend in the industry, NFT Grower plans to expand the team from 93 to 115 people by the end of the year, this is due to the active phase of metaverse development and the preparation of a large advertising campaign in USA, Japan, India and Latin America. 

The great interest of the audience is attracted by the fact that the project team actively interacts with the community in a chat, makes periodic conferences in Telegram or Discord in which they answer questions and discuss important events in the crypto world. In a recent interview, the financial director of the project, Manuel Gonzalez, said that the financial team of the NFT manufacturer feels confident and they expect either the beginning of a long lull in the near future, in case they have a plan prepared or there will be the beginning of a bullish cycle, and very soon they are already fully prepared for it. 

The project team believes that now is the time to prepare for the bull run. The bear market knocked out the weak so that the strong could buy more assets at this time and become even stronger. Now the time has come when those who were bulls of about $60,000 for one bitcoin have already changed their minds and want to sell everything, at least without losses, and this signals to us that this is a great time of opportunity. All those who are currently on the market and will do the right thing will definitely significantly increase their capital this year.

As a result, we can conclude that now NFT Grower is moving in the right direction and they have every prospect of becoming a leader in the WEB3 market and among Metaverse projects. The project team grew from 11 people to 93 in a year and brought together the best specialists with skills and experience to create a global project.

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