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Unlimited Dimension DODOOR NFTs Explained



Source: Globe Newswire /Unlimited Dimension

These 1,000 collections of cartoon dodo birds created by team UD (Unlimited Dimension) represent the trend within the NFT industry. And they will be minted on Sep26th, to add one of them to your collection will only cost you 0.05E (about $80).

Unlimited Dimension

Wait, what are NFTs again?

NFT is the abbreviation of the non-fungible token, a token that can verify ownership on the blockchain. Basically, NFT is like a certificate of a fancy watch or a lease of a house. It proves that a digital asset is legal under the circumstance that even if it is just a picture of a DODOOR, and declares the ownership apart from that.

The most common controversial topic is that is NFT useful because pictures can be easily copied or saved or cut. But the point of NFT technology is that it declares ownership publicly, for example, anyone can spend a couple of bucks to purchase a copy of the Sunflower drawn by Van Gogh, but only one person or organization can hold the original one. This means anyone could save DODOOR jpeg on their PC, but there is only one person who holds the original one.

What makes DODOOR valuable?

This is a complicated question.

First of all, original and rare. As the first project that UD launches, it contains 1,000 collections in total and each piece is both original and unique, they all have special features and are given different identities and background stories.

Moreover, utility. Most of the NFT projects claim that their collection will provide a specific utility, which means apart from using it as a profile picture, it can actually be used for other things.

And to keep the holders interested, Team UD choose to follow the P2E trend and build an exclusive brand game called DODOOR MEMO, the holders of DODOOR also hold the ticket to UDverse.

What’s the Next?

Team UD has made great plans for the UD brand, both blockchain and real life.

Starting with more blockchain stuff. In October, after the launching of the first project DODOOR, team UD will release gamefi-DODOOR MEMO on the blockchain, the holders will be able to enter the game after verifying, and acquiring NFT collections of UD’s second project for free through hatching bird eggs, apart from that, they are also planning on building a UDverse afterward.

In real life, exclusive street clothes, and offline events offer more possibilities for this project. More than that, Team UD are devoted to protecting the endangered animals on earth, along with the launching of coming projects, they will make donate a portion of their profit to the WSPA in the name of all holders.

More unusual though, is that Team UD is planning on buying a small island at the end of this year, and the island will be the habitat for lots of animals, and this plan is also a crucial part for them to build UDverse.

You might think NFTs are silly and the market is also low at the moment, but UD world is worth being expected for.

Company: Unlimited Dimension

Contact Person: Teresa Smith



Telephone: 917-859-1321

City: New York

Address: ATLANTA 1082 Hood Avenue


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