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This Web3 game puts interactivity, creativity and business at its heart

By emphasizing creativity, community, and a focus on the player experience, a newly launched Web3 game sets a new standard for next-generation gaming.



Source: Cointelegraph

An interactive and educational game allows players to build their own towns and be rewarded for their creativity without any pitfalls associated with other Web3 titles.

The Web3 game Legacy, created by Gala Games, puts you in charge of a growing business empire — and puts fun at the heart of next-generation gaming.

When Web3 games exploded onto the scene, a huge buzz soon followed. Blockchain was being touted as the technology that would upend a multibillion-dollar industry — and transform the game experience for the better.

Giving players true ownership of in-game assets is compelling and transformative — not to mention the prospect of rewarding determined users for their time and achievements.

That potential remains, but there are challenges to overcome. Critics argue that some Web3 titles suck the fun out of gameplay by putting an undue emphasis on monetization, with boring storylines and clunky graphics. Some also suffer from limitations linked to the networks they’re built on — with poor scalability and interoperability stifling growth.

Some blockchain game platforms are tackling these pain points head-on — and vowing to reinvigorate the genre by putting creativity at the heart of their titles. Even better, interoperability is also a focus, meaning that coveted in-game assets can port from one environment to another.

A lasting Legacy

The blockchain-based gaming platform Gala Games has recently launched Legacy, an all-new Web3 title that puts players in charge of a business empire and rewards ingenuity and creativity through progressive gameplay.

Legacy’s premise is simple: build a town just like you’d envisage it. Hourly design and sales competitions put players to the test, with votes to decide the winner in a democratic process. It’s even possible to create new products that would benefit others in the community. How can you make your town more appealing to the public, increase the efficiency of your workers, and construct the best buildings? There isn’t a perfect way to build your business empire. What will you prioritize in your town?

Source: GalaGames

The game is based on GalaChain, a custom-built layer-1 blockchain that focuses on scalability and performance. With technical concerns out of the way, users can properly focus on what matters: competing and having fun with players from around the world.

But overall, this is more than decompressing after a challenging day at work or school — it’s a chance to tap into your entrepreneurial spirit and see whether you have what it takes to grow and develop your business. With various customization options, your imagination is the only limit.

Source: GalaGames

An immersive experience

Developed by 22cans, a UK-based gaming studio renowned for its innovative game design, Legacy offers a unique blend of creativity, competition and monetization.

At the heart of Legacy lies Gems, the in-game currency that fuels your entrepreneurial journey. Gems provide access to various contests, allowing you to showcase your design prowess, salesmanship, and strategic thinking. For those who truly engage with the game’s offerings, Legacy Tickets offer an additional avenue for advancement.

Players can acquire gems through two primary methods. One of the methods is the Gem Mine, which is unlocked in-game through the tutorial experience. Players can get into virtual mining and earn free Gems as they progress. Alternatively, gems can be purchased directly in-game using Gala GALA $0.03 through the Gala Games platform.

Legacy aims to cater to both newcomers and seasoned players, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. For gamers who seek a refreshing departure from the status quo, harbor a passion for business, and crave an environment where every decision holds lasting impact, Legacy offers a unique experience that other Web3 games cannot match.

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