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Spiritual and Financial Gains Abound in the Seaside Investment Club



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Through this fantastical NFT journey on which many have embarked, projects abound are offering grand financial rewards, each promising on their own terms to endow NFT owners with riches beyond their wildest dreams. However, as these monetary benefits shore up bank accounts, so far, projects have done little to lift the spiritual and emotional wellbeing of their adherents. Until now!

Taking on the mighty role of educator and enlightener, the Seaside Investment Club (SSIC) will look to improve the lives of its members on every perceivable level. As a result, they’re setting up a solid ground for self-improvement opportunities alongside the potential monetary gains, all achieved via the ground-breaking Learn2Earn and Travel2Earn mechanisms. Therefore, lending a shoulder to lean on through this latest financial, spiritual and eye-opening odyssey.

Underpinned by the Apex of Humanity

Running the show and providing a launchpad into the project, SSIC will soon release the ‘Apex Humanity’ series of NFTs, coming in as a grand collection of 10,010 non-fungible tokens acting as the very first entry to this new and auspicious club. They will soon arrive via a blind drop followed by a magnificent design and scarcity reveal.

Through the Apex Humanity collection, owners will then have the opportunity to claim an additional membership NFT to the wider project which grants them access to certain benefits relating to the tier held, including the much coveted Learn-to-Earn application, as well as future drops and additional earning opportunities.

Earn Coin Through Education

Recognizing that the world relies too much on tech for the answers to all its questions, SSIC wants to empower its members to improve their mental faculties by incentivizing and gamifying the learning process in one magnificently developed NFT-gated application. Essentially, this welcome addition will act as a news feed for innovation across the globe. Inside which, participants can earn delicious coin by completing quizzes based on that information and improve their overall education and innate value in the process.

Through this revolutionary mechanism, SSIC will maintain a leaderboard displaying the most productive members. The top five of which will compete against each other in a grand battle of acquired knowledge, ending with a singular winner walking away with an incredible prize in excess of $10k.

Travel to Earn

In addition to its flagship Learn2Earn platform, SSIC will also launch a brand-new Travel2Earn experience, designed to broaden the minds of all those taking part. However, it will initially only be available to a random selection of Apex Humanity holders. Via this incredible addition to the SSIC environment, teams throughout the world will compete in a series of globally-themed tasks, all with the end goal of achieving SSIC stardom alongside enviable prizes.

Further Opportunities in the Seaside Investment Club

As SSIC continues to grow, more opportunities will become available throughout the ecosystem, including further NFT drops, additional revenue streams, and an intriguing real-estate function.

So, using the SSIC ecosystem, members can not only earn, but also expand on their social and educational welfare and set themselves up for an improved overall lifestyle through a stunning application of NFTs.

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