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Que? Spanish embassy spotted hunting crypto airdrops on X

The official social media account for the Spanish embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been particularly interested in upcoming airdrops from Jupiter and Dymension.



Source: Cointelegraph

The official social media account of the Spanish embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been spotted messaging crypto projects for details concerning airdrops and upgrades, leading onlookers to speculate that its account may have been compromised.

“Wen Jupiter Snapshot?” the Spanish embassy’s X account asked in a now-deleted response to an X post from the WEN memecoin page on Jan. 30.

A comment from the Spanish embassy X account to the WEN token X account. Source: X

The embassy also pestered the gaming blockchain network Beam for details concerning its launchpad.

“What about the $BEAM Launchpad mentioned in the AMA,” it asked.

At one point, the embassy responded to a post from Hex founder Richard Heart. “Stop teasing us, where is the Pulsechain launchpad you promised?” the account queried.

A comment from the Spanish Embassy X account to an X post by Heart, the founder of PulseChain. Source: X

As many as 41 crypto-related comments were initially sent from the Spanish embassy’s X account in the last 24 hours, contacting crypto projects, including De.Fi 2.0, Dymension, Frame, Monad, Router Protocol, Phantom, SatoshiVM and StarHeroes.

However, many posts have since been deleted, with 20 of the responses remaining on X at the time of publication.

Several onlookers found humor in the ordeal, such as pseudonymous X user “LeonBlockchain,” who noted that no phishing links were posted.

“There’s a degen in the Spanish embassy in Bosnia […] no scammy links posted … so it does not seem a typical X account hack. Check their timeline and have fun.”

The Spanish embassy hasn’t confirmed if its X account was hacked. The X account also hadn’t shared any crypto-related comments prior to Jan. 29.

Cointelegraph contacted the Spanish Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina but did not receive an immediate response.

While it’s unclear whether the airdrop-related spree was the result of a hack, several other high-profile figures have fallen victim to attacks that have seen their X accounts compromised.

Notably, the X account of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission was hacked on Jan. 9, with the attacker posting false information saying that a spot Bitcoin ETF had been approved. The regulator quickly admitted that its account had been compromised by a SIM swap attack.

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