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Source: Cryptonews

TIZA , a global metaverse platform of game/content creators, has announced the establishment of a local corporation in Shibuya, Tokyo, which is set to boost the company’s presence in the global video game industry. By incorporating the Metaverse platform in Japan, the company aims to capitalize on the opportunities present in the local market, employing vetted game development talent and facilitating the growth of the tight-knit blockchain community.

CRETA, based on the next-generation L1 blockchain technology Locus Chain, is looking to exclusively launch a new version of the acclaimed video game title «Kingdom Under Fire» and one of the most popular games in Asia, «Fortress». Through the establishment of a local Japanese branch, the company aims to expand its lineup of high-quality games and bring together a large number of well-known game creators and companies in the industry to gain a foothold in the evolving metaverse market.

To celebrate CRETA’s new establishment in Japan, its launch event was held privately on July 11, 2022, with video game connoisseurs gathering to praise the entity’s addition. 

Some of the guests who attended the event were Mr. Shuji Utsumi, Vice President of SEGA, Mr. Yoji Ishii, Producer of “Sonic” series, Mr. Naoto Ohshima, Graphic and Game Designer of “Sonic” series , Mr. Masamitsu Shiino, COO of Yield Gaming Guild (YGG), Mr. Oji Hiroi, the original comic author and game creator of «Sakura Wars» and «Skura Taisen», an executive of Okakichi Corporation, founded by Yoshiki Okamoto, the original creator of the record-breaking games «Street Fighter» and «Monster Strike,» and other executives from Disney Japan, Bandai Namco, and Microsoft Japan. 

Ray Nakazato, CEO of Creta Inc. Japan and Creative Director for the entire platform, commented: “I am pleasantly surprised that the CRETA project, even in its early stages, has been able to generate such buzz and engage so many visionary veterans. Of future. of the gaming industry under one roof. It is apparently a strong sign that Japanese industry leaders are also thinking very positively about the effects that the nexus between blockchain technology and video games can bring. 

Through the synergy of Locus Chain’s leading blockchain technology and the creation of a high-quality gaming portfolio, CRETA will undoubtedly gain the largest share in this nascent metaverse market in a short period of time.»

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial or other advice.

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