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Introducing NFT Calendar 2022, Finding Upcoming NFT Projects On Major Blockchains and Exchanges



Source: EIN News

In the past few months, has turned into the preferred choice by many NFT followers looking for a quick and easy way to stay on top of the latest developments in the NFT industry.

The NFT Droppers offer information about NFT drops that are currently happening or are much likely to come your way shortly.

There is a new addition to the website, which offers a convenient way for collectors, traders, artists, and anyone looking for the drops of upcoming NFT projects to be notified regarding their drops date, price, and blockchain used.

Aside from providing data regarding NFT drops being launched on top marketplaces such as Opensea and Rarible, the NFT calendar provides data about NFT drops being launched on blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, and Polygon.

There is no connection between and the NFT drops, events, or projects listed on the site, except as explicitly stated.

An overview of each project and its role within the NFT Drops Calendar is provided. You can find relevant filters on the search page of the website to find the most suitable project at

In addition to continuously following the NFT plus blockchain business, the team of analyzes and adds new information to the existing pages of regularly. We at also make sure that all content published on the portal is thoroughly analyzed before they are published.

The ability to join projects early in their development process and follow in their footsteps helps NFT enthusiasts gain a deeper understanding of how NFT collections work and predict their success or detect any false promises as they begin.

The NFT Calendar collects all information about NFT projects from credible sources and ensures no margin for error. The NFT Calendar, in addition to providing an overview of each NFT project, provides various details about the project, ranging from the roadmap and mint details to the utility and rarity of the project.

With the launch of the NFT calendar in 2022, NFT collectors, investors, and artists interested in upcoming NFT projects will have the opportunity to keep an eye on the developments.

A comprehensive guide to NFT drops is included in, which can be helpful to newcomers seeking to learn more about NFT drops.

Our goal at is to provide you with concise information about the different types of NFT drops, as well as new scams involving NFTs and preventative measures when minting digital art to promote safe and profitable NFT trading.

By accessing this information, newcomers can determine which of the NFT calendar projects they prefer and which projects from are most appropriate for them.

Our goal with is to offer a place for all NFT collectors in the world to find all projects that are bullish in one place to simplify the process of discovering upcoming projects that have a lot of potential for them.

With the NFT Calendar, new and experienced collectors can keep up to date about the potential NFT market growth in 2022, find lucrative projects, and build up their NFT portfolios by making use of the NFT Market Drops Calendar as a way to stay on top of what’s coming up on the NFT market.

With the platform, users will also be able to receive notifications through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter of any NFT news or announcements as part of their subscription.

In conclusion, is a website dedicated to NFTs that can be used as a resource when looking for upcoming NFTs.

Disclaimer: At, we do not promote any investment platform, we are just an informational website that helps readers to get up to date with the latest discovery in investment work. However, readers are encouraged to conduct self-audits and research before investing.

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