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Hyundai introduces its second NFT collection



The automaker introduced earlier this month a new NFT collection along with the launch of its new vehicle. 

The Hyundai community had been waiting for the new release for some time and it arrived in the middle of this month with the IONIQ 6 Electrified Streamliner accompanied by a collection of 5,000 unique NFTs that express the diversity and adaptability of the new car. The new collection offers users a different way to join the community, as well as exclusive experiences and utilities. 

Purchasing one of these NFTs acquires the IONIQ Citizenship, an NFT membership program. The IONIQ Citizenship is intended to expand the scope of the unique customer experiences offered by the IONIQ line to the digital space that has no physical limitations. Included is exclusive access to digital spaces, special digital content, and physical items related to the IONIQ 6.

For these innovative experiences, Hyundai, along with various partnerships and alliances, has prepared opportunities such as virtual fashion item sweepstakes, customized cell phone cases, and exclusive VIP access to ‘Planet Hyundai’, Hyundai Motor’s virtual space that was launched on Zepeto, the global metaverse platform, on July 14 in partnership with Naver Z.

The IONIQ 6 collection with 5000 NFTs, available on OpenSea, is divided into 6 different themes including fun driving, stress-free driving, work, socializing, healing and entertainment. Each NFT features unique artwork, created in a generative format that randomly combines various backgrounds, exterior colors, and objects that can result in tens of thousands of combinations.

«Hyundai Motor has continuously explored new methods to connect and engage our customers. The IONIQ 6 NFT collection is a significant effort to push the boundaries of NFT from simple investment and ownership to experiences and storytelling» – Thomas Schemera, Director of Marketing at Hyundai. 

Hyundai also announced the creation of «Capsule IONIQ,» which is an NFT newsletter to strengthen relationships with the NFT community and is scheduled to launch in August. Capsule IONIQ is inspired by fashion brands’ capsule collections and will tell automotive stories in an experiential format.

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