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Gotta save them all! A new NFT-powered game aims to continue Pokémon’s incredible legacy

A new NFT-powered game is vowing to continue Pokémon’s legacy — allowing players to collect mythical creatures in an immersive world.



Source: Cointelegraph

For ’90s kids, Pokémon was transformative — and millions were engrossed by the beautifully designed trading card game. Now, a new NFT-powered game aims to continue its incredible impact, attracting a whole new generation in the process.

AneeMate is the brainchild of Web3 developer QORPO World — and blends adventure and exploration in an environment where players are tasked with collecting magnificent creatures.

Pokémon’s enduring popularity is evident in the staggering number of trading cards sold (over 53 billion), with Nintendo shifting tens of millions of video games across the franchise. Even the mobile game Pokémon GO, which allowed players to catch Pokémon in the real world, was a smash hit.

But there’s one game-changing technological innovation that the Pokémon world is yet to embrace, despite the fact it’s a natural evolution for players vying to complete their Pokédex. Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) can supercharge the power of games — allowing users to genuinely own assets and put them to work in new ways.

It also opens the door to a player-driven economy where in-game assets can be bought and sold on secondary markets — democratizing access to coveted items.

Introducing a new Pokémon-style game

Now, a new contender is poised to enter the arena, offering a fresh and innovative take on the Pokémon-style formula: AneeMate, a brainchild of QORPO World.

AneeMate is an upcoming open-world, cross-genre game that invites players to embark on an enchanting journey through a whimsical land teeming with myth and mystery. The game seamlessly integrates elements of adventure, exploration, creature collecting, and RPG, catering to a wide spectrum of gaming enthusiasts.

Game developers want to appeal to players who love Pokémon-style worlds — and incorporate multiple gaming genres. At the heart of AneeMate lies the quest to capture and train an array of extraordinary creatures known as AneeMates. These fantastical beings, each possessing unique abilities and characteristics, are scattered throughout the game’s vast and diverse landscapes, waiting to be discovered and befriended. Players must navigate treacherous terrains, solve intricate puzzles, and outwit formidable foes in their pursuit of these elusive creatures.

Determined players will have a chance to fill their MateBook — the complete collection of AneeMates across five categories: fire, electric, water, earth and psychic. They’re scattered across Hidden Island and need to be freed from a life of hardship and extortion. But malevolent bosses and a treacherous environment await — meaning gamers need to show remarkable survival skills for any chance of success.

Each AneeMate, as well as human characters, can be upskilled — allowing them to learn new abilities and outwit enemies as the game gets progressively harder.

NFT introduction into the gameplay

Beyond the captivating gameplay, AneeMate integrates NFTs into the game’s ecosystem. This approach grants players true ownership of their digital assets, allowing them to trade, sell, and utilize their AneeMates in a player-driven economy. Limited NFT drops that feature a few rare collectibles have been released.

Additionally, the AneeMate Genesis Drop offers a chance for players to become early adopters and secure access to the alpha test, NFT royalties, and a whitelist for the QORPO token.

As AneeMate prepares to make its mark on the gaming landscape, it has already garnered attention and anticipation. The recent AneeMate Stickers Book challenge was successful, with over 20,000 NFT stickers minted, approximately 1,000 Stickers Books completed, and a significant increase in social media followers. In addition, the team launched the Genesis Zero NFT sale for AneeMate on the native QORPO WORLD platform.

A living, breathing game

New AneeMates are going to be added to the game with every passing season, meaning there will always be new creatures in need of saving. The game was built using Unreal Engine 5 — delivering a powerful and immersive experience — and an alpha test is going to be available on Windows and PS5.

QORPO’s CEO and founder, Rastislav Bakala, said:

“We offer a special opportunity to own your childhood again with AneeMates, own your piece of the game and participate in the project’s success via a player-driven economy thanks to token whitelists and NFT royalties.”

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