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Five pain points that decentralized trading platforms need to solve

Design, speed, security, low costs and liquidity need to be at the heart of everything a decentralized crypto trading platform offers, but some are better than others.



Source: Cointelegraph

Decentralized crypto trading with leverage has grown in popularity over recent years — but something is holding the sector back: a lack of reliable platforms for noncustodial transactions.

Users often face clunky and poorly designed interfaces that are difficult to understand and nearly impossible to navigate. This isn’t just an inconvenience but also increases the risk of costly errors.

The pain points don’t end here. Traders need to have confidence that their orders will be processed at lightning-fast speeds, all while keeping gas fees to a minimum. Congestion on layer 1 networks has meant this isn’t always possible.

Careful attention also needs to be paid to the smart contracts powering decentralized trading platforms, as security vulnerabilities can put everyone’s funds at risk. Thorough audits are crucial and must be performed by independent organizations.

And there’s another piece of the puzzle that’s often overlooked. Traders are regularly left frustrated by a disappointing selection of trading pairs, restricting the digital assets they can gain exposure to. Thin markets can also affect the crypto leverage multiples being offered.

For cutting-edge protocols to thrive and stand out in a crowded market, they need to deliver a superior trading experience that ticks all of the boxes above. Design, speed, security, low costs and liquidity must be at the heart of everything they do.

And Gains Network — the builders of gTrade on the Polygon and Arbitrum blockchains — says its decentralized leverage trading platform delivers exactly that.

Source: Gains Network

Top-tier trading

Gains Network has developed gTrade, which boasts more than 80 crypto, forex and commodities pairs. Orders can be completed with a single click — and data from Dune Analytics suggests its feature-rich interface has been a huge draw for traders.

More than 1 million trades have now been completed on the platform — a significant milestone — with total volumes surpassing $50 billion.

Layer 2 integration paves the way for fast trading orders and minimal gas fees — coupled with up to 150x crypto leverage, 250x on commodities and 1,000x on forex.

And gTrade also has a new feature on offer. An upgrade to v6.4 of its protocol introduces “lookbacks,» which enables it to retroactively review recent price data and ensure all orders execute at the exact price set by the trader, even if an initial trigger was missed. This helps deliver protection against price volatility and blockchain latency, boosting its 17,000 users.

Developers say the arrival of lookbacks is long awaited, in part because it ensures take profits, limit/stop orders and stop losses are guaranteed across dozens of asset classes and trading pairs — even when the market is rushing.

​​“Noncustodial trading is in its infancy — we’ve seen promising demand through various market conditions and only expect it to grow. gTrade is committed to creating the most user-friendly, robust, and capital-efficient decentralized trading platform,» the project said.

Looking ahead, gTrade has many features in the pipeline designed to make decentralized crypto trading as seamless as possible. Alongside multi-collateral vaults, partial orders and enabling interactions with smart contracts, the protocol aims to expand to additional ecosystems — allowing even more traders to benefit from its slick user experience.

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