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Blockchain announces GPU rewards for tokenholders after $100M infrastructure investment

The incentive program will be available to FET stakers starting March 7.



Source: Cointelegraph

Crypto artificial intelligence project, built on Cosmos, is allocating $100 million to an infrastructure program, dubbed Fetch Compute, that will expand the tools, computing power and training capabilities of developers alongside providing GPU credits for its users.

According to the March 5 announcement, Fetch Compute will deploy Nvidia H200, H100 and A100 GPUs to create a platform that developers and users can utilize for computing power, with financing coming from the Fetchi.AI ecosystem fund.

“The move is expected to accelerate the pace of innovation within the ecosystem by providing the capacity to explore complex models and solutions,” the project wrote. In addition, “Users staking’s native coin $FET will earn Fetch Compute Credits as rewards which they can then use to pay for GPU utilization on the Fetch Compute network» starting on March 7.

Humayun Sheikh, CEO of, commented: “By marrying substantial compute resources with our unique compute credit system, we’re ensuring that our community has the support and tools necessary to bring their visionary AI projects to life.» Currently,’s infrastructure is comprised of the search-based AI DeltaV platform, which leverages large language models and AI agents to match users with computing services.

On Feb. 26, Cointelegraph reported that AI tokens have been rallying alongside chip-maker Nvidia’s breakout Q4 2024 earnings. During the quarter, Nvidia announced revenue and earnings of $22.1 billion and $12.3 billion, respectively, representing year-over-year increases of 265% and 769% amid accelerated demand for computing and generative AI. Subsequent to the announcement, tokens have returned more than 230% and currently trade at $1.78. 

Last month, secured a partnership with Deutsch Telecom for the latter to join as a corporate partner and a validator for the Fetch blockchain.

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