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CurateDAO Launches Decentralized Data Curations on Avalanche



Source: Cryptonews

CurateDAO recently launched Pinterest-like, decentralized data curations backed by Incentives on Avalanche. Curators who gather various lists to help users can now earn tokens.

The integration has made CurateDAO’s curate-to-earn protocol available in Avalanche. It allows users to assemble Pinterest-like boards to earn AVAX tokens if other users find them useful.

These Pinterest-like boards are decentralized and use smart contracts to share revenue with curators and content creators. Users can access curated lists on CurateDAO, including codes for New York City restrooms, metaverse government books, security vulnerabilities, futuristic snakes, Web3 applications, and more.

The protocol aims to migrate to a Subnet to increase its reach. CurateDAO is trying to achieve this goal with the recent Blizzard grant fund it received from Avalanche. Michael Fischer, founder of CurateDAO, commented on the recent integration.

According to Fischer, CurateDAO is currently the most useful platform for helping users find the best content. It uses an interface similar to a Web2 application while offering great ease of use. The integration with Avalanche will offer high performance and low transaction fees, which are natural advantages for CurateDAO.

CurateDAO rewards data miners and curators for quality contributions as a community-created curation protocol. This is how the whole process works:-

  • It begins with a curator coining a curatorship and defining the guidelines for the information within the curatorship.
  • Explorers then find data for curation using established guidelines. They then stake some money on the curatorship, which is returned upon acceptance.
  • Now, the curator chooses whether or not to accept the curatorship. If the curator makes poor decisions, the explorer should no longer contribute.
  • These curations earn money through affiliate links, benefactors, paid subscriptions, and ads, divided between curators and explorers based on their contributions.

CurateDAO aims to change the Web2 model while incentivizing community-based, value-added behavior.

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