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Atletico Madrid and Whalefin Announce Genesis Football NFTs



Source: Nftplazas / Tokoni Uti

Top Spanish football club Atletico Madrid, along with the Whalefin app, has announced an incoming NFT collection that will be going live on StepN, a web3 lifestyle app. As per the official announcement, the team will be releasing 1001 football boot NFTs which come with perks for their holders. 

All About the Boots

Some details have been released about the incoming collection and what it will entail. While all 1001 NFTs will be football boots, they will not all have the same design. 850 of them will be ‘common’ boots and will be in honour of the titles won by the team over the years. As such, each of the common boots will have the date and place that their respective title was won attached. 

The other type of NFTs will be those that are in honour of the team’s stadiums. Only 140 of these ‘uncommon’ boots will be designed for the collection. The last type of boots to be released will be the ‘rare’ ones. 

These rare boots represent the 11 players in a football team and thus, will be numbered from 1 to 11. All 1001 NFTs will be available for purchase on StepN and those who buy them will enjoy a number of perks. These will include the chance to win a ticket to Spain to watch one of the team’s in-person matches for those who buy from any of the tiers. 

Those who buy the uncommon ones, however, will get an official Atletico de Madrid shirt while those who buy the rare ones will receive jerseys signed by the team captain. 

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