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Zelus and JokeTown Partner for Series of NFT Mic Drops 



Source: BusinessWire

The first digital collectibles launch on September 15

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Zelus, the easy-to-use multichain wallet, has partnered with JokeTown, a platform for comedians. As part of the ongoing collaboration, Zelus and JokeTown will release a series of novelty product drops, branded “Mic Drops”. The first Mic Drop, a 90s-themed novelty air freshener “The Fresh Scents of Smell-Air,” launches on September 15, 2022.

“I believe that humor is a healer so we feel it’s always essential to spread it globally and have it present in its talent roster”

Upcoming JokeTown NFT drops include:

  • Bonerz: The mildly suggestive play toys for adult dogs. October 15.
  • Thank(mis)givings: Conversation cards themed around unstable topics. November 1.
  • Nazarene Blanc: Jesus turned water into wine, JokeTown scientists have turned it BACK into water. December 1.
  • Oopsie Baby: Novelty baby swaddles designed with things you had to give up now that you’re a parent, like tequila. January 1.

“Being able to turn the creator’s ideas for physical products into reality is so huge for our community,” said Mac Alsfeld, Head of Content at JokeTown. “Now with a partner like Zelus we can create digital collectibles and other innovative Web3 extensions that will no doubt be a huge component of fandom in the future.”

Several respected comedic creators are joining the Mic Drop series, including Felicia Madison, Jourdain Fisher, Jiaoying Summers, Lindsey Goldapp, Frank Caeti, and renowned singer and actor Carlos Ponce.

“I believe that humor is a healer so we feel it’s always essential to spread it globally and have it present in its talent roster,” said Carlos Ponce, Co-Founder of Talent Hub Entertainment. “While working with JokeTown, our cultures have synced effortlessly where we’ve been able to embark on many successful campaigns because of the aligned objectives of implementing comedy and quality content into entertainment and look forward to continuing this partnership.”

To learn more about the collection, please visit

About Zelus

Zelus is a 1-stop shop for the creation and issuance of NFTs, offering all the expertise necessary in a single company. Zelus has recently launched a new crypto wallet, a first of its kind, to accentuate NFT galleries and combine that with cross-chain compatibility. Learn more at

About JokeTown

JokeTown is an online community focused on bringing unique opportunities to comedy creators including physical product drops, digital collectibles, long-form and branded content. Learn more at or by following Joketown on Instagram @joketown.comedy

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