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WEB3 partnership between MetaStudio and NFTuLoan to bring real utility to NFTs



Source: EIN News

Most people agree NFTs are a huge part of the WEB3 future, but they also agree real utility must exist for the NFT market to recover and work properly. This is why MetaStudio and NFTuLoan are launching a long-term partnership focused on bringing utility. First step of the partnership will be the soon-to-come launch of MetaStudio’s first NFT collection, ,,Early Supporters».

Besides real utility in the future metaverse platform, and the chance to increase value, what’s unique about this series: the sale value of each NFT will be guaranteed and owners can anytime use the NFT as a collateral to borrow liquidity. If you own a MetaStudio NFT, from the ,,Early Supporters» colection and you need liquidity, you can just go on NFTuLoan and borrow liquidity by using the NFT as a guarantee. MetaStudio will guarentee the minimal value of the guarantee is the acquisition cost of the NFT.

Introducing Meta Studio

Meta Studio is the answer to the most important issues of the Creators Market: unfair rules, abuse by Big Tech, huge commissions paid to WEB2 platforms and lack of privacy. This motivated team has worked for years with or for content creators, and their researching revealed their real needs in order to thrive: a true DAO community for content creators.

Introducing NFTuLoan

Live on the Ethereum mainnet, NFTuLoan is the first open protocol for NFTs in retail and B2B. The unique Peer2Pool feature combined with Peer2Peer caters to lenders and borrowers for both individuals and businesses. NFTuLoan is a liquidity pool provider giving instant cash for loaning your NFTs. Peer2Pool incorporates supplying tokens to a communal asset pool, for borrowers to liquefy tokens from the pool. NFTuLoan leads innovation for the new form of B2B business in Web3 by converting anything into digital assets. This covers industries ranging from retail, real estate, supply chain, to even gift cards. Versatility to turn anything into a digital asset allows businesses to build secondary marketplaces emphasizing the potential for web3.

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