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Web3 Browser Opera Offering New NFT Analytics Tool



Source: CoinDesk

Web3 browser Opera has launched DegenKnows, a new non-fungible token (NFT) analytics, tracking and exploration tool that includes on- and off-chain analytics.
The new tool aims to help users navigate NFT projects and gain access to insights from the social media community.
Besides regular on-chain data analysis such as individual transactions, DegenKnows is intended to provided users with off-chain data from social media sources, including Twitter and Discord. More specifically, users can see Twitter feeds from the project’s key opinion leaders and official accounts. The platform analyzes the team behind each NFT project, including the number of social media followers, true fans and total mentions over 24 hours.
With a «Smart Filter» function, DegenKnows claims to help users filter out wash trade, airdrop, transfer and scam projects.
This latest product capitalizes on the recent non-fungible token boom, including recent examples Reddit NFT generating $2.5 million in daily trade volume, and a new NFT collection, Art Gobblers, with 9,660 ETH (more than $15 million) in trade volume since minting on Monday night, according to data from OpenSea.
«With DegenKnows, we are giving them an innovative tool to explore and understand the world of NFTs and perhaps spot the next big project ahead of others,» Susie Batt, crypto ecosystem lead at Opera, said in a press release.
All Opera browser users are granted premium access to DegenKnows for free, while non-Opera users can access a limited free trial that will be available until the end of 2022, according to the press release.
Alongside the launch of DegenKnows, Opera’s Crypto Browser has integrated the Near Protocol and Fantom blockchains after it offered in-browser crypto wallet support to scalable blockchain Elrond in September.

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