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Versailles Heroes to Host a VRH DAO Testing on GOERLI Testnet for its NFT Project, Offers Gamers a Truly Profitable Play-to-Earn Gaming Model



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Cryptocurrency and NFT projects have proven to be profitable but developers must create stringent rules and certain models to maintain this status and this is what Versailles Heroes aims to do by hosting the VRH DAO testing for its Play-to-Earn NFT game

Versailles Heroes is a revolutionary gaming platform that exemplifies the concept of GameFi. The GameFi concept is a relatively new innovation that integrates DeFi with gaming. While this is laudable, the success of any GameFi project is predicated on the quality of the game and the design of the game’s economic model. Sadly, the major pain point of the current GameFi project is an unbalanced game economy. When there is an unlimited supply of the game token without a proper burning mechanism, the token price will sink, which would adversely hurt the trust of the participants in the projects.

VRH was devised by experts as a DAO mining project that will potentially solve this pain point. A VRH DAO mining project distributes VRH tokens to reward community members to take part in Community Governance. A guild is created to both govern community members and mining activities. The guild acts as a whole when casting vote toward a community proposal and the mined VRH will also be distributed to guilds directly.

For Versailles Heroes, the VRH DAO testing will comprise two testing stages on the GOERLI Testnet. A total of 727,200 VRH will be given to selected participants during both stages of the testing process. Stage one is scheduled for October 26 and will last for twenty days. Anyone can take part in this testing stage and the airdrop amount for this stage is 627,200 VRH. On December 5, 6272 wallet addresses will be picked randomly from all testing participants and each address will get 100 VRH tokens as rewards.

50 wallet addresses will be picked within the first 10 days of Stage I Testing. These lucky participants will be given 100,000 VRH as part of the Stage II Testing. Each one of the 50 wallet addresses will receive 2000 VRH tokens as rewards. All VRH tokens will be airdropped on December 18. This is a golden opportunity for crypto enthusiasts and online gamers to invest in a genuinely profitable GameFi platform.

Recently, Versailles Heroes was announced as a competitive crypto MOBA game within the GameFi and Metaverse sectors which will be launched at the end of 2022. The game will allow players to purchase NFT heroes and weapons on the Marketplace and take part in multiple game modes, including Hero Battles and Siege. Winners will be rewarded with tokens that are tradeable on different exchanges as the play-to-earn game merges different aspects of blockchain technology together allowing players to have several crypto assets in Defi and NFTs.

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