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UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 presents its NFT cards



The collection has rarity levels for NFT cards, such as Rare, Epic and Legendary

This week the 13th edition of the UEFA Women’ Championship ‘UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 opened. The tournament started on july 6, where more of fifteen nations will compete to become champions in a total of 31 games.

With the purpose to celebrate this new edition, the German Football Association is launching digital autograph cards of the squad and the national coach of the women’s national team in NFT cards. The digital autograph cards collection are available in various packs and cards with different levels of rarities.

For this edition, FANZONE prepared more than 1,000 limited edition nft packs that will have between 5 and 3 cards. Fanzone said they will have 8,460 WIR #IMTEAM PACK, which has an approximate value of 6 euros. 

Users who purchase the pack will get the chance to get one of 100 tickets for the DFB fan store, as well as 2 DFB women’s home game tickets and one of the LEGENDARY 3D PAULE NFT

The more exclusive of the two, the HUNGRIGER PACK, will only offer 200 of its kind. This will grant access to SPECIAL Video Cards, and unprojected video footage of the DFB women’s documentary. The price is approximately 60 euros.

About Fanzone

FANZONE Media GmbH develops and operates a novel fan experience platform that combines digital trading cards and fantasy sports gameplay on the blockchain. On, users can buy, collect, trade digital trading cards of their favorite sports stars.

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