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Ubisoft Tones Down its Enthusiasm for NFT Tech



Source: Nftplazas / Russell

Indecisive gaming giant, Ubisoft, has backtracked on its initial NFT enthusiasm, now taking a more blasé approach to the technology insisting its quartz project was for research purposes only.

Back in December, Ubisoft took a great deal of stick from the social media crowd when it initially showed an interest in NFTs. At the time, launching the Quartz platform that would essentially allow users to unlock skins for their favourite games. Despite requiring no financial commitment however, outrage quickly spread online and the project was widely mocked.

Since then, NFTs have taken a back seat in wake of the wider economic downturn. As a result, seeing interest in the speculative side of the non-fungible token reach 12-month lows. So, in true spin doctor fashion, Ubisoft has toned down its commitment in the tech and implied that it was never wholly invested.

In spite of this however, Ubisoft has not quite given up on the innovative world of the blockchain, with several projects slipping under the radar of Twitter’s angry mob, including Rabbids in The Sandbox, and a Cross the Ages collaboration. It seems that many Web3-based development options remain well within their sights, even if the end result may not present itself in the shape of Ubisoft Quartz.

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