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Two Ethereum NFTs Steal the Show at NFT NYC, Doodles and Goblintown



Source: Bitcoinethereumnews

  • The NFT NYC has been in the spotlight among non-fungible token (NFT) enthusiasts.
  • But it seems that Goblintown and Doodles, two of the most popular NFT projects, had more of a spotlight. 
  • NFTs are gaining quite a bit of popularity in recent times as many new projects have come up and are still emerging. 

The NFT NYC has been in the spotlight among non-fungible token (NFT) enthusiasts, and those who follow it on Twitter might have made certain assumptions. It may have been that the event was a failure. There were even some who made sarcastic and funny comments about Ape Fest. 

There was even a viral tweet claiming that the NFT NYC had already failed, which was on Monday, just at the beginning of the week. 

But a tweet from Amy Wu of FTX Ventures highlighted something that is the complete opposite of the hate and criticism. She noted that people told her that NFT NYC would be weird because cryptocurrencies were dead and that she is happy to report that the opposite happened. 

People proudly pumped out their JPEGs at billboards, luncheons, and parties. There were a lot of Punks, Apes, Gutter Cats and Cool Cats. People discussed NFTs with utility, such as tickets to IRL events and other possible use cases for more than just money. 

Two parties were in the spotlight associated with the two most popular NFT collections at the moment. 

Doodles, a popular NFT collection, was a center of attraction when an opening party was held at the Palladium Theater in Times Square. Afterwards, a PowerPoint presentation from Doodles CEO Julian Holguín was presented with a slide recalling what the project has achieved so far and much more.

Also, the Goblintown party was taking place in Terminal 5, and the contrast was like day and night, which was reportedly more like a community atmosphere. Although this project is quite different as it is inspired by urine and nihilism, the party has a vibe. 

Although NFTs are gaining quite a bit of traction and frenzy, recently, there was news that some celebrities have also lost confidence in them as they have abandoned their NFTs. Basically, NFTs are getting mixed reactions amid the bear market and various other things in the industry. 

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