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These MMA Enthusiasts Turned Web3 Entrepreneurs Are Launching Their Dream NFT With Mindblowing Utility!



Source: PR Newswire / Marshall Inu

The MRI Fight Club is a collection of 4444 unique Marshall Inu NFTs for crypto and MMA enthusiasts worldwide on the Ethereum blockchain. This project is more than a digital art collection; it’s the key to the rapidly expanding Marshall Inu ecosystem!

This legendary MMA-focused NFT community is making waves in developing its MMA fighter partnerships, MRI NFT holder benefits, and more in its roadmap plans.

Each NFT is composed of a unique combination of 519 traits. This includes their image background, clothing, eyes, eyewear, mouth, fur, belts, and hats. Some are 1/1’s in homage to martial artists and fighters who support and champion Marshall Inu. All of the «Fight Club» NFTs are unique, but some are rarer than others!

Owning a Fight Club NFT grants revolutionary benefits and exclusive access to the holder. These include passive income, perpetual entries into a lossless lottery for loyal holders who can have chances to win UFC tickets, win a trip to fighter meet and greets, and even win attendance to exclusive events such as the Marshall Mansion experience.

Marshall mansion events are planned to coincide with main UFC cards and holders of three or more «Fight Club» NFTs can win attendance through a randomized draw. Winners will be transported to the mansion by limousine, and can spend two luxurious nights there partying, mingling with MMA superstars, eating and drinking, and, of course, attending the UFC fight night! The next Mansion event will take place in October to dovetail with UFC280; Oliveria v Makhachev! This is sure to be a weekend to remember!

About Marshall Inu:

Marshall Inu was designed to help MMA fighters succeed with an extra source of income. As a passionate group of MMA enthusiasts, the Marshall Inu team is on a mission to merge the worlds of MMA and meme coins to do something good with the Marshall Inu community. Marshall Inu has sponsored and donated to over 500 MMA fighters, and has gifted over $5 million to fighters, coaches, gyms, and grassroots combat federations on five continents to date!

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