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The first NFT videogame tournament organized in Argentina



An initiative that calls for professional gamers to join and demonstrate their e-sports skills. 

The Association of Electronic and Electromechanical Sports in Argentina, ADEEMA (for its acronym in Spanish), was in the news this week as it is organizing its first NFT video game tournament. It consists of a federal and open gamer tournament, where players from any province will be able to participate and form teams to compete and the main NFT videogame will be «The Harvest Game». 

The tournament will be held every week and the modality will be as follows: four games between four teams of three members and for each of these clashes the winning team will get the equivalent of $ 100, at the end of the games and after winning all the clashes, participants can make an estimated profit of $ 300.

«From ADEEMA we are very happy to accompany the professional, competitive, and technological development of e-sports. NFT technology is an evolution of the way we play, relate to each other, and compete. Even of working within the gaming sector.» – César Vidal Scasso, President of ADEEMA.

The invitation to join is still open to professional teams and selected teams from different organizations, which indicates that those interested in joining can do so as a team or without a team. To be part of the weekly tournaments, interested gamers can register through the videogame’s website or its official game channel on Discord. 

The gamer universe totals about 2,700 million gamers on the planet. Of that number, 200 million are in Latin America and 19 million in Argentina. On the other hand, the global eSports market is valued at 1.1 billion dollars, with a projected growth of 25% year-on-year for the next five years. For this reason, the video game industry is positioned as one of the most profitable in the world. 


Created more than 3 years ago in Argentina, ADEEMA, a non-profit organization with the aim of consolidating the foundations for the development of the ecosystem of electronic and electromechanical sports. In recent years ADEEMA has organized events of electromechanical competition, e-sports leagues, talks and trainings in different parts of Argentina, promoted projects at national and regional level, and accompanied the various actors to further develop the ecosystem of e-sports.

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