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Susan Miller Was One of the First Astrologers to Embrace the Internet; Now, She’s Leaning to NFTs



Source: CoinDesk

The astrologer’s zodiac-themed NFT collection and token-gated Discord channel is her first venture into Web3.

Astrologer Susan Miller is shifting her gaze from the sky to the blockchain, releasing her first collection of zodiac-themed non-fungible tokens (NFTs), digital tokens representing ownership of physical or digital assets, on Wednesday.

The collection of 12,000 digital profile picture (PFP) collectibles will be released on the Polygon blockchain, which Miller’s team chose for its low transaction costs, with watercolor-inspired artwork visually similar to the World of Women collection.

Miller has long fancied herself a pioneer of experimenting with new technologies, first launching her astrology website in 1995, during the early days of the internet.

While the majority of Miller’s following knows little about crypto, the entrepreneur says she sees NFTs as the next wave of community building, similar to how she saw the internet boom of the late 90s and adoption of e-books in the early 2000s.

In an interview with CoinDesk Miller said that when she was first introduced to NFTs, «it felt like I entered a subculture that was like landing in Area 51.»

“When my friends talk about NFTs, they say it’s like art you can’t put on the wall. In the beginning, I think NFTs did start as art, but it’s evolved into more of a community passport,» she added.

Miller has amassed an impressive virtual following since the launch of her website, which sees over 1 million unique visitors per month. The astrologer and her team are now experimenting with Discord as a means of community building. Since being announced last week, her server has garnered up to 2,850 members with holders of her NFTs being granted access to their own token-gated channel.

Having developed an interest in NFTs from seeing numerous high-profile partnerships in the news, Miller’s team tapped CYNOSUR3, a Web3 production agency, for the collection’s back end.

“I know all the fashion houses are doing them, the music people, the NFL even. I think it’s something that’s bubbling underground that’s going to surface, just like the driverless cars,” Miller said.

Miller’s foray into NFTs echoes how a growing number of corporate entities have approached the technology – hype. NFT partnerships have high upside for relatively low risk, even when catered to non-crypto native consumers. If the “Susan Miller Stars” collection sells out at $199 per collectible, it will net almost $2.4 million in a matter of days.

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