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Stardom Chance Announce Strategic Partnership with NFT Workx Ltd



Source: EIN News Desk

NFT Workx has been announced as a strategic partner of Hollywood disruptor, Stardom Chance.

We believe that the quality of the project and team behind it, plus the target audience of movie enthusiasts, actors, actresses, directors and screenwriters will make this NFT collection a success…

NFT Workx a specialist NFT company who represent Artists, Authors, Athletes, Brands, Photographers, Sculptors and Sport Clubs from around the world, has been officially announced as a strategic partner of Stardom Chance LLC.

Stardom Chance was formed with one premise in mind – to give talent a real shot at making it on the big screen and to give people who want to work in the industry a real chance to do just that. Their aim is to disrupt Hollywood and the entire movie industry with their new methodology and structure, something that has not been changed for decades.

Stardom Chance will create a movie, a real feature film, based on a maximum of 2500 registrations/members. You submit your performance reel or script and only compete against a set number of applicants in your category, reducing the odds from 1 in millions to 1 in 300 or less. For example – they are looking for a great script out of 300 registrants, a great director out of 300 registrants, and great leading actors/actresses of 150 registrants!

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