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Sam McKnight announces his fist NFT project



The NFTs will be approximately 300 editions of artist Laura Laine’s artwork

This week, Irish-born stylist Sam McKnight, known for his many celebrity and celebrity cover shoots, shared that he will soon announce a new project related to Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFT), which would have as its main objective to raise funds for charity.

According to Vogue Business, this new direction in the stylist’s brand is due in part to the hiring of Joel Edmondson, the brand’s CEO since last year. The project could be considered an unusual choice for a hair care brand, although some brands such as Gucci and Nars have already taken the first steps in terms of bringing beauty products to the market.

The information known so far is that the NFTs will be editions of artist Laura Laine’s artwork, inspired by McKnight’s book. Each of the NFTs will cost approximately €200 each and the funds raised will go to support British Beauty Banks for hygienic poverty. 

McKnight says his professional life has been “all about faces and images”, and so finds NFTs to be a new creative frontier. “They could potentially be the future of art. Digital art is so exciting to me. It’s another means of expressing creativity.”

Nowadays, the metaverse is opening up endless possibilities for beauty brands. Through avatars, brands can offer users new experiences that are different from existing products, the use of makeup, the purchase of virtual and physical products and the experience of immersing themselves in virtual stores and games is innovative and different for new generations. 

Of course, this also involves a risk, not all consumers will see this as useful, but it is an attractive and different field to an industry that is currently saturated with similar products. 

About Sam McKnight

Sam McKnight (born 1955) is a hairstylist known for his work with celebrities including Princess Diana, Kate Moss and Lady Gaga, and for his collaborations with fashion houses like Chanel, Fendi, Balmain and Burberry.

In November 2016, Somerset House founded Hair by Sam McKnight, an exhibition documenting his career. McKnight also released his first book, Hair by Sam McKnight, which showcases his numerous Vogue covers, editorial shoots and overall experience working in the fashion industry. 

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